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#1 2020-11-20 10:58:43

From: UK
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Getting varnish to work on beowulf

Just upgraded from ascii to beowulf and varnish fails to start with:

Error: Could not get socket Address already in use

The solution is to remove the config check from the init.d script as documented here: … /issues/75

Does this need to be added to devuan's init.d scripts somehow so its included automatically?

Big thanks to everyone big_smile


#2 2020-11-20 18:26:22

From: London
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Re: Getting varnish to work on beowulf

The varnish package is drawn from Debian's repositories so it may be best to reproduce this bug in a Debian system and open a bug report against their package with the patch attached. Just don't mention Devuan in the bug report, some of the Debian developers are funny about that.

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