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#1 2020-04-16 11:01:40

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Well, I suppose the wireless driver list has to end somewhere

So I was performing a netinstall on an HP Stream 14, and in case you are unfamiliar you could this a netbook because it doesn't have an Ethernet port, and a laptop must have an Ethernet port.  Rant aside, It has a realtek 8822BE wireless adapter, and guess where the list in the expert install ends: 8821ae; god damn it.  I refuse to perform anything but a netinstall.  And I am committed to Devuan because anyone who looks at just the changelog of systemd and has half a brain should know that it is an invasion of privacy; it extends far beyond its primary functions (thus acts as a system of control rather than mere process initialization), and we all know why this is so; well maybe not all of us, but the brighter half.  So how do I impregnate the netinstall iso to include the rtlwifi-next (the catchall for next gen Realtek wireless drivers courtesy of Google and Linux Mint)?  And can we get those drivers impregnated into future netinstall builds?

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#2 2020-04-16 13:00:08

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Re: Well, I suppose the wireless driver list has to end somewhere

Are you installing ascii or beowulf? Beowulf has version 20190114-2 of firmware-realtek. ASCII has a 2016 version, and it also has a 2019 version in ascii-backports.

If you're installing ascii, the easy solution is to install beowulf instead. If it needs a newer version than what's in beowulf, it gets more complicated.


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