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#1 2020-03-25 22:41:26

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Ascii to Beowulf Upgrade

I have a new machine which I am in the process of setting up and tailoring. It had a minimal installation set up from debootstrap, and it seemed like a good idea to test upgrading it to Beowulf before doing any further software installation. Following the upgrade notes, I discovered at "apt-get dist-upgrade" that the process was going to upgrade ALL 327 packages, remove 2 and add 97 new.

I have been doing these distribution upgrades since Debian 2.2 (potato) and it seems unusual for everything to be updated, and there are also normally only new packages because of repackaging. So I have two questions: (1) is it to be expected in this case that all packages need an upgrade? (2) Why are new packages being installed?

I am interested in the answers as I have two machines presently running ascii on about 1000 packages, and they will be upgraded soon.

It is possible (1) occurred because I missed a step and did not do a second "apt-get update" after installing devuan-keyring?

Did (2) happen because there is a list of "standard packages"? I notice one of them was exim4 (which of course I will want eventually, but it looks as though I am being told what packages I ought to have. No complaints, as it is probably good advice.

In any case the upgraded system works well, and the upgrade process is fast and straightforward. I am very happy being in the present company.


#2 2020-03-26 02:43:27

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Re: Ascii to Beowulf Upgrade

It's normal for everything to be upgraded when you dist-upgrade from one major release to the next. It's also normal for there to be some new packages. That happens because package dependencies or priorities sometime change, or a source package that creates several binaries might get split up differently, and you'll get new names. (e.g. cryptsetup-run is a new one)

You should update again after installing a new keyring. I didn't think it worked without doing that.


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