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#1 2019-08-20 02:59:30

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jessie to ascii migration - xfce4 grey screen upon reboot

I recently migrated from devuan jessie to ascii, and upon reboot, slim had a gray screen. I tried a number of things, including disabling slim (I prefer to startx/startxfce4 from console anyway), and then I had a few errors with Xorg starting, such as /dev/tty0 permissions, IOPL permission denied, virtual console 7 can't open, adding myself to tty group (not a good idea), etc...

In the end it turned out that (xfce4) display settings from jessie didn't carry over to ascii. Specifically, it was due to me using a closed laptop, docking station, & 2nd monitor, so the grey screen was from the 2nd monitor, and the laptop screen which had been disabled before in jessie was enabled and was showing the login, but I could not decipher that from the grey screen of slim.

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