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#1 2019-06-03 01:27:25

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Sucsessful migration to Ascii from Stretch w/mate-desktop

I have just migrated my debian stretch system to devaun ascii!!  I followed instructions Migrate to Devuan Ascii … e-to-ascii.  I wasn't using gnome, so I didn't install xfce4 or slim, manually edited /etc/network/interfaces instead of wicd.

When I ran apt-get purge systemd I noticed it removed some mate components and lightdm, easily reinstalled before I had an issue.
When instructed to edit sources.list - suggest to remind to check apt.conf for a Default-Release setting, it's a slight problem later if not.

I guess I skimmed over the instructions for apt-get purge libsystemd0 - I was running xorg.  Purging this removes most of what makes the system functional.  Found suggesting not to worry about it.

In the end I have a fully stable (as it seems) devaun ascii system with mate-desktop migrated from debian stretch!!   It does work - thanks greatly.


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