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#1 2019-02-06 05:46:20

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[SOLVED]Migration from Wheezy to Jessie - gdm not happy


I did a migration upgrade to Devuan Jessie from Debian Wheezy.  I have XFCE but gdm seems unhealthy.  gdmgreeter goes <defunct> immediately after logging in and all I see is the desktop backgound.

From … -to-jessie, The instructions say to "Choose slim" if prompted during the upgrade.  But I was not prompted.

Should I try installing LightDM (what I am used to in Xubuntu) or the one used in Devuan by default (Not sure which).  Or is there something I need to fix regardless of which DM is logging me in?


Asked in IRC, got a quick answer big_smile

I disabled and stopped gdm, and then installed slim.  It worked properly out-of-the-box.

I also learned to pay attention to the recommended display manager for desktop environments running on Devuan Ascii (probably applies to Jessie too but I will be continuing on to upgrade to Ascii first)

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