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#1 2018-07-21 21:40:37

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ASCII: Automated installation with OpenRC (using a preseed.cfg file)

Hi everybody,
currently I am writing a preseed.cfg that can be used by the debian/devuan installer for automatic installation of Ascii on my notebook (and some other devices later on too). I started with the Debian stretch example preseed file and besides some fights with the partitioning I was wondering about how to preseed for usage of OpenRC.

I did a manual 'expert' installation which allowed me to choose OpenRC during installation. After asking in the IRC channel, some kind replies from fsmithred, checking the output of debconf-get-selections --installer and looking at the source of the choose-init module at now I got following solution (but did not test it yet):

What should be needed for preseeding the choose-init module are following two additional options in the presseed.cfg:

# load additional debian installer module 'choose-init'
# (or use multiselect in case of additional modules needed)
d-i anna/choose_modules string choose-init

# select openrc as the init system to use
choose-init choose-init/select_init select openrc

I am pretty sure about that the preseeding as shown above will work, but since from the sourcode of the choose-init module I only found

in-target sh -c "debconf-apt-progress --from 900 --to 950 --logstderr -- apt-get -q -y install -- openrc" || aptfailed fi

to be run, I wonder if simply adding the openrc package to the "d-i pkgsel/include string " does the same job. I think I will test both cases and see ... wink

Kind regards,


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