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#1 2018-06-21 21:45:12

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How to install Devuan in BTRFS partition with subvolumes @ and @home ?

Hello, thanks for your time!

I want to install Devuan on a BTRFS partition with subvolumes "@" and "@home"
What are the steps? With which "iso"?

any ideas?

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Re: How to install Devuan in BTRFS partition with subvolumes @ and @home ?

I don't like the @ naming convention for subvolumes as the @ has to be escaped in shell. Instead I give these directories the .subvol extension.

Finish partitioning normally, choosing luks,lvm,btrfs or whatever. Then when it starts installing: (# means root command starts here)
- go to another terminal (alt+f1)
- # ps
- find the PID of the debootstrap process and # kill <PID>
- find the btrfs filesystem device in output of # mount
- # umount /target
- (Add --mixed if device is under 16 GB or so) # mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/path/to/btrfs/device
- # mkdir /rv
- # mount -o noatime,compress=lzo,nossd,autodefrag /dev/path/to/btrfs/device /rv
- # btrfs subvol create /rv/rootfs.subvol
- # mount -o noatime,compress=lzo,nossd,autodefrag,subvol=/rootfs.subvol /dev/path/to/btrfs/device /target

Now go back to the installer and restart at the "Install base system" step.

Disregard the above, it results in the "Install base system" hitting
"Error: apt or in-target already running" and I do not know how to resolve it.
So, just complete the install normally, without compression or subvolumes,
we'll deal with that later.

I will amend this post with further fixes.

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