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#1 2018-01-28 05:38:39

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Automated install: How to config preseed to prevent desktop install?

I was using a preseed.cfg file to automate Devuan Jessie installation. Base image is amd64 DVD, and I used UNetbootin to create the USB installer. I specified this answer on the preseed file based on what I'm seeing from debconf-get-selections (I only wanted to pre-install standard components and SSH server, I don't want a desktop environment or other utilities):

d-i tasksel/first multiselect SSH server, standard system utilities

However, the installation did include the XFCE desktop with lightdm. Am I doing this wrong? Does anyone have experience doing preseeding for Devuan?

I'll try perhaps following Debian Jessie's preseed and check if these settings would work:

tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard
d-i pkgsel/include string openssh-server


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