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#1 2017-12-23 23:03:12

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grub-PC and splash screen

is the installation of such a splash screen difficult?

(I did finish my probably best installation of the last years. room occupied on the harddisk in 32 bit: ab. 2,5 GB including locales for germ./chin.simpl./eng./french./jap./kor.) with cups minimal, xorg minimal, slim, jwm, rox-filer (define which app for which document and offers by hitting right mouse key all app's wishing, jwm offers in the bar only a selection of alls), 3 browsers (vimprobable2,  xombrero and tazweb) and flash player (it was necessary to copy directly binaries from SliTaz where Debian creates actually difficulties to the users), tesseract and gimagereader, gv for the numerous *.pdf used instead man pages etc. ( :-( !), dc and sc (as I don't calculate a lot!), didiwiki, abiword, alsa-utils, nted for music, mplayer2, mhwaveedit, viewnior, mtpaint (image manipulation as well as screen shots!), granule, merkaartor, gramps, hunspell diction. As I did find no tutor to install adequate small input methods (and learn how to manage them! it is important. an input method is for nothing good if you don't know how to activate it! Tutors are written in the target languages and if you are not really speaker, nothing to do with such tutors to learn the languages better: you must learn them about completely before! I will also use simply also if some brothers claim «this connection is untrusted etc. ...»)

for this reason I would be interesting to make my installation from my point of view perfect with a splash screen in grub!


#2 2017-12-24 01:39:31

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Re: grub-PC and splash screen

Copy a jpg or png image file into /boot/grub/
Run 'update-grub'

You'll see the background image on the next boot.


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