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#1 2017-11-25 19:48:18

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32 bit install on 64 PCs? possible?


It seems it is a great inconvenient to use 64 bit! divers app's are not available. in 64 bit exist a lot of controls disturbing the user (not present in 32 bits): it seems to be a giant reduction of my freedom!

I would prefer a mixt usage of my distribution:

kernel 64 bit to respect the architecture of my PC

but 32 bit binaries!

Is the mixed installation of Devuan with 64 bit kernel and 32 bit libraries and binaries possible?

kind regards


#2 2017-11-25 21:32:46

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Re: 32 bit install on 64 PCs? possible?

Huh? What's missing? What extra stuff is disturbing you? I never noticed a difference.

To enable multi-arch:

dpkg --add-architecture i386

Then you should be able to install the i386 versions of packages.


#3 2017-11-27 17:57:16

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Re: 32 bit install on 64 PCs? possible?

Hi fsmithred

Thank you for this very fast help.

I did install Devuan absolutely minimal (no option in taksel over the base net installation in English, there are 644 Mb installed).

On that, I did install

sudo apt install sudo gpm xserver-xorg-video-intel x11-xserver-utils xserver-xorg-input-mouse xinit menu 9menu jwm luakit didiwiki clex dc sc mgp alsa-utils alsaplayer mplayer2 mhwaveedit mtpaint viewnior xpdf ranger grun spell

(9menu is because I did try initially ratpoison insteed of jwm! But as jwm, with about the same size, gives me more comfort, I did erase ratpoison. spell is only future: I don't know if luakit can operate with spelling and with which dictionary! my actual text processing system is didiwiki: didiwiki creates text documents per page, and can write normal, fat, italic and underlined. It can also show pictures (but I don't know if they are printable, especially out luakit direct; as luakit make wide extensions in lua possible, it is probably a good. this version of luakit comes from debian sid. it is an alsmost actual / actualized version! I did download it and install separately with dpkg! I did  test A LOT of browsers instead of luakit: luakit is the most compact one I did found able to use great deception: only the video from anouncers comes, not the ones I will  see (youtube and the national TV from my country, France! I will look especially for the chanel France2, it is the main chanel as initially, 30 years ago, France1 did have really more lines (=more fine pictures) as all the world chanels, and is not the main chanel any more...).

my goal would be, to install

all that

in 32 bit ;-) .

I am certain, that the problems with in 64 bit result from the increased exigences of Adobe and Adobe clients to kill the to open versions of flash out the past times!

copy of my actual /etc/jwm/system.jwmrc follow!


- the subdiv from Tray to /Tray

- the line  <Background type="image">/usr/share/images/fond.png</Background>
You have to create a subdir /usr/share/image, put in a good picture downloaded in png format for ex., I did choice a picture of a cat on a tree in front of the moon, all in grey like Dev1 Galaxy :-) and convert it in png with mTpaint. I have  now a SUPER presentation of Devuan using the Dev1 Galaxy forum and, as I love cats, I am happy! No icon in use but short cuts name like "DevuanJessie" for the main icone, _ for desktop, do for grun, r for the file manager r)anger (or r)ox if you want a graphic one! clex (read "select") is also installed, p for mtp)aint or gimp if you prefer gimp, and i for internet (using links to the real applications: if you decide to change "your standard" application, the only one change is that link! other link I have: "ln -s /usr/bin/startx /usr/bin/go" to start X-window after login in console: I don't need some session manager, also no small one like slim: no session manager at all. if one, I would use "ratpoison" as ratpoison has a subdiv to select other WM's...)

- the line  <StartupCommand>setxkbmap us intl</StartupCommand> <!-- gkrellm -->
  (you can of course add more startup commands, for ex. gkrellm if you install it!)

it is a minimal installation (a bit more than 1 Mb in 64 bit) based of commando line applications where they are equal to graphical ones!)

<?xml version="1.0"?>


   <!-- The root menu, if this is undefined you will not get a menu. -->
   <!-- Additional RootMenu attributes: onroot, labeled, label -->
   <RootMenu height="15" onroot="12">
      <Program icon="terminal.png" label="Terminal">x-terminal-emulator</Program>


      <Program icon="lock.png" label="Lock">
         xscreensaver-command -activate
      <Restart label="Restart" icon="restart.png"/>
      <Exit label="Exit" confirm="true" icon="quit.png"/>




   <!-- Additional tray attributes: autohide, width, border, layer, layout -->
   <Tray  x="0" y="-1" height="32" autohide="false">

      <!-- Additional TrayButton attribute: label -->
      <TrayButton label="DevuanJessie">root:1</TrayButton>

      <TrayButton label="_">showdesktop</TrayButton>

      <TrayButton label="do">exec:do</TrayButton>
      <Spacer width="2"/>
      <TrayButton label="r">exec:r</TrayButton>
      <Spacer width="2"/>
      <TrayButton label="p">exec:p</TrayButton>
      <Spacer width="2"/>
      <TrayButton label="i">exec:i</TrayButton>
      <Spacer width="2"/>

      <!-- Additional Pager attribute: labeled -->
      <Pager labeled="true"/>

      <TaskList maxwidth="256"/>


      <!-- Additional Swallow attribute: height -->
      <Swallow name="xload" width="64">
         xload -nolabel -bg black -fg red -hl white

      <Clock format="%H:%M">xclock</Clock>


   <!-- Visual Styles -->







   <!-- Additional TrayStyle attribute: insert -->





   <!-- Virtual Desktops -->
   <!-- Desktop tags can be contained within Desktops for desktop names. -->
   <Desktops width="4" height="2">
      <!-- Default background. Note that a Background tag can be
           contained within a Desktop tag to give a specific background
           for that desktop.
      <Background type="image">/usr/share/images/fond.png</Background>

   <!-- Double click speed (in milliseconds) -->

   <!-- Double click delta (in pixels) -->

   <!-- The focus model (sloppy or click) -->

   <!-- The snap mode (none, screen, or border) -->
   <SnapMode distance="10">border</SnapMode>

   <!-- The move mode (outline or opaque) -->

   <!-- The resize mode (outline or opaque) -->

   <StartupCommand>setxkbmap us intl</StartupCommand> <!-- gkrellm -->

   <!-- Key bindings -->
   <Key key="Up">up</Key>
   <Key key="Down">down</Key>
   <Key key="Right">right</Key>
   <Key key="Left">left</Key>
   <Key key="h">left</Key>
   <Key key="j">down</Key>
   <Key key="k">up</Key>
   <Key key="l">right</Key>
   <Key key="Return">select</Key>
   <Key key="Escape">escape</Key>

   <Key mask="A" key="Tab">next</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="F4">close</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="#">desktop#</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="F1">root:1</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="F2">window</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="F10">maximize</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="Right">rdesktop</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="Left">ldesktop</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="Up">udesktop</Key>
   <Key mask="A" key="Down">ddesktop</Key>


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#4 2017-12-02 07:35:00

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Re: 32 bit install on 64 PCs? possible?

oui wrote:

I would prefer a mixt usage of my distribution:

kernel 64 bit to respect the architecture of my PC

but 32 bit binaries!

I think what you're looking for is an x32 port, like Debians x32 port: It's an unfinished port with not enough interest as far as I can tell.

The closest Devuan has to that is an install from a 32-bit i386 ISO, as there is no x32 port in Devuan.

If you're looking for a simpler system another option is to not support 32-bit in your system, which will make your install simpler and remove some packages.

dpkg --remove-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get autoremove --purge

You can remove 32-bit support in the kernel as well if you compile your own.

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