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common installation with SliTaz

I use (mainly! I have also a old emachines) a 64 bit laptop XPS from Dell (8x16 bit cores, 8 GB RAM, big HD). But as I also have an old "emachines" (also 64 bit but small RAM and HD) used very often I look for small solutions...

I did install Devuan very small (644 MB at restart in 64 bit but completely empty of applications)

Xorg and the most small graphic window manager (ratpoison or jwm) takes only a bit memory over that... that is not the question! with nano, gpm for your mouse, clex as file navigator, alsa-utils, alsa-player, cups-client, cups-daemon, sc (old venerable spreadsheet), didiwiki (simplest wiki in the web browser! but can pretty writting in the console!!!), you can a lot more in the different char mode consoles (especially with gpm: you can transmit text segments marked with the mouse between the consoles!). If you add xserver-xorg-video-intel x11-xserver-utils xserver-xorg-input-mouse xinit ratpoison, you have a graphic systems able to multi-tasking (as Basic Linux did can 20 y ago ...)

after that, not really possible to find an REALLY SMALL internet browser 64 bit able to use libflashplayer so...

as I have a *.deb out 2014 for luakit, I did try to install it. all dependencies are yet at the depository of Devan Jessie! I did have luck. And a lot is possible.

But not my email box (the greatest German email service independant from ex German Post Services / DHL. All that is today privatised and not transparent any more). Probably I did not install enough SSL services. Gmx (Gmx is a private initiative in Monaco, the same town as Sun, the initial great supplyer of java etc, was, the town where all town services did use along 10 years Linux as OS!) is the name of my free email provider at! Gmx did provide more in the past, for ex. DSL internet (this was the reason why I did have to book email box free at gmx!).

for this reason, I did install SliTaz with 64 bit kernel (the other parts are yet 32 bits, common with the 32 bit version) from At, SliTaz proposes divers uncommon installations! The one is to install (full install of course!) in a subdir of an other distribution in the same partition. for ex. in /var/slitaz !

I did do it

and wonder about the the  sizes of ...

... all!


- wine.

In SliTaz, same situation in Linux. Through wine, I can use in Slitaz the browser Qtweb. It has no problem with gmx.

I did try the same in Devuan, at this time without success.

How to install the minimal wine configuration without mono etc.?

How to start in commando line one wine application after that?


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