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#1 Re: Installation » Devuan ASCII on Lenovo T430 » 2019-10-01 00:55:19

golinux wrote:
anatak wrote:

Why is there a systemd folder?

Sorry I can't answer the installer questions . . .

thank you.

#2 Re: Installation » Devuan ASCII on Lenovo T430 » 2019-10-01 00:01:59

sorry for the late response. I downloaded the dvd iso and installed from that.
I noticed a few differences between cd.iso and dvd.iso
both installs used the graphical install
The cd.iso had no problem finding my network and connecting.
The dvd.iso found my network but could not make a connection.
the cd.iso doesn't give you the option to install without network.
the dvd.iso does.
after installation I from cd.iso I noticed that my network connection wasn't working. I think that the installer connected to my router or gave me the message that there was a connection but didn't connect to the mirror and that might have been the reason why i ended up with a system without desktop manager.
my network isn't working after the dvd.iso install either.
If config shows me both networks without inet ip address nor inet6 ip address.
ping to lo works fine.

after installation from the dvd iso my network isn't working either.

I will play around with it a little more to see if I can find out went wrong with this install

an unrelated question.
Why is there a systemd folder?

ps calling people android-iots isn't going to make devuan more popular.

#3 Re: Installation » Devuan ASCII on Lenovo T430 » 2019-09-26 03:04:50

this doesn't answer my question but I guess thank you?
I read the info, i selected the cd rom set, the install never asked for the second nor third iso cdrom.

#4 Re: Installation » Devuan ASCII on Lenovo T430 » 2019-09-26 01:21:21

thank you.
I tried installing from a mirror in Japan and I know from using Mint that the japanese mirror is next to useless.

Do you know if it is possible to install not using a network, purely from the ISO's that I downloaded?

I didn't notice that option during the install.

#5 Re: Installation » Devuan ASCII on Lenovo T430 » 2019-09-26 01:06:02


from torrent file devuan_ascii.torrent
I got the torrent file from
on the website it shows that the torrent file was created on 07-Jun-2018 08:31

Is there a newer version available that I am not aware off?

#6 Installation » Devuan ASCII on Lenovo T430 » 2019-09-25 03:12:15

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I tried installing devuan on my T430 (it runs mint without problems)

I got the error that my selected software could not be installed.
I used the graphical install and selected default desktop (xfce)

after skippinig the software install step I ended up with the CLI and could log in.

The installation never asked for the second or third ISO.

I tried installing using a network connection and I will try installing again without network connection tonight but I was wondering if anybody else had the same problem.

thank you

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