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#1 Re: Off-topic » Lennart Poettering (Systemd) Lands at Microsoft After Leaving Red Hat » Today 14:51:08

blackhole wrote:

"You are actually stating what I have been saying for at least the last 10 years - that GPL is not some anti corporate or anti capitalist safeguard, which prevents corporate involvement/takeover.  As you have noted, corporations have infiltrated free software and simply pay the people / fund the projects and in doing so achieve control and can steer those projects as they see fit.  This also means that"unfunded" projects lack/lose developers and die.  One could argue that, if the code were under,e.g. BSD 2 clause, they would just throw some donations at the project, walk away and do their own thing.  Who can say for sure.  I think that horse has bolted.

All GPL really does in a nutshell is seek to prevent a company (or an individual in fact) from taking code and "turning it proprietary".  That's really it."

That is my point, more or less. To  be clear, I was speaking of software for the core of the operating system,  however, a balance is also needed. Aka, the code needs to be completely permissive  for this to be more effective.

"I'm almost certain OpenBSD contains no "non-free" stuff - in fact there are strict policies with regards to that."

Well, you are 90% right, technically, I was speaking  of what GNU people call binary blobs and also what they call non-free. But as for the point below:

FreeBSD, I'm not so sure about.  I do know they have signed NDAs in the past and I know their focus is on providing something that works rather than something primarily provided to meet some ideological objective.  But yes, despite this - one could argue that FreeBSD is "more free" than Linux as it is not funded and controlled by a consortium of "Big Tech".  That is ironic, considering all the criticism leveled at FreeBSD over the years by GNU evangelists (while corporations crept in and stole almost everything from under their noses).."

Ironic is putting it mildly given the dbus, systemd and other over-engineered garbage that they have allowed to infect GNU.
They fail to understand that freedom restricting software can appear in other ways besides non-free licenses on said software.
Aka, they care about free licensing, so much they have overlooked that without security there cannot be privacy and withour privacy, freedom is meaningless.
Catch 22...

#2 Re: Installation » Devuan: Existential issues. » 2022-11-25 04:51:46

steve_v wrote:
devuanuser wrote:

I have been booting Unix since the eighties

Proof positive that age does not always beget wisdom then.

devuanuser wrote:

I see a problem with a usergroup

The problem is you insulting people who volunteered their free time to try to answer your questions.
If you want guaranteed professional responses, you go to a paid support channel. This is not that, this is best-effort when-we-feel-like-it by a community of volunteers. Answers are not guaranteed, correct answers even less so.

About that... he isn't proof that age doesn't beget wisdom... well... not as much as my favourite example, anyways...

If you want a real example, look up Qanon.


#3 Re: Off-topic » Google in trouble again » 2022-11-25 04:49:35

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

Not really. I can't be bothered toggling scripting to make websites work. The GA opt-out add-on just stops advert tracking, which constitutes the vast majority of all tracking. I don't really care about the rest. There's certainly nothing important or sensitive on this machine, I just use it for games and trolling.

It does also block malware which as you probably know,  can  be used to cause damage in less direct ways.

Aka, not a threat to the hardware and likely not the system software if its linux... usually anyhow, but in other, let's say, sneakier more obnoxious ways.

Btw,  even if you think there is nothing sensitive on that machine, the nothing to hide argument dies the moment someone tries to plant and/or use fake evidence against you if people in higher places dislike you, want to get rid of you, etc...

This all  being said,  if you use emulators, be careful.

The trolling, however, I am fully on board with it.

I legit actually, after seeing chain letters on youtube enough decided to make some parody chain letters and someone gave me my favorite accolade:

The person said that they had seen some really stupid chain letters but mine topped the list...

This was before Google acquired youtube thanks to the expletive FBI/DCMA copyright expletives.

Point being, I miss the days of chain letters being common on youtube and when I could troll the shit out of them, by making weird expletive ones. big_smile

Trust me, I got very unhinged in my nonsense back then LOL!

#4 Re: Off-topic » Lennart Poettering (Systemd) Lands at Microsoft After Leaving Red Hat » 2022-11-25 04:31:47

blackhole wrote:

de Icaza (gnome project founder) and Nat Friedman, both former FOSS developers who worked for Ximian (bought by Novell) and then Xamarin (Microsoft subsidiary), both worked or still work for Microsoft.

Friedman still works for MS, as CEO of github.

It's easy to criticise them, but few software developers work for nothing and when given the chance of high earnings and improved standard of living, will take it.

In a sense, everyone who works for the Linux Foundation, works at least partially for MS and other "Big Tech", as they primarily fund the foundation.  The 'BSDs also rely heavily on corporate donations.

However, the acquisition of Xamarin by MS is closely tied up with the events surrounding the Novell acquisition by Attachmate, followed by the acquisition of Attachmate by Micro Focus.

To be honest, of late, I realized something I never thought I would ever believe...

BSDs more or less except for refusing GPL application code for non-system-apps, is bad, but otherwise, I think they are more than 80% right.

Ironically, they provide more "freedom" then most linux distros... sadly, if you don't give them what they want, they will manipulate the system to find other ways to wreck the system, way more, I might add.

Don't mistake me, copyleft licenses are fine, for non core libraries and non core packages. But the moment people go too far with it, corporations seem to always find a way to manipulate the system in their favour.

Alas, for big projects, they usually win sooner or later.

Only dedicated distros like Hyperbola can survive this problem, but even then, there are other issues that can happen.

The formula I mention though? Its here:

Freedom is meaningless if you cannot have privacy
Privacy is meaningless if security is poor
Security usually will die, if things get too bloated over time, little  by little.

OpenBSD may have some non-free stuff in it, or unknown licenses within it, but it matters more the risks of that unknown stuff then how much of it.

If one has 100 issues of 10, meaning extreme danger level, but the other has 10000 but they are like a light yellow which we will say is a 3 point score, choose the first one always.

Also. in general, they fix their security issues fast. smile

#5 Re: Installation » Devuan: Existential issues. » 2022-11-25 04:16:56

devuanuser wrote:

All very amusing thanks.
I have been booting Unix since the eighties, so I see a problem with a usergroup when I run across them.
This is surely one.

Cheers kids.

I don't know you well, but out of curiosity which Unix, do you plan to use?

By Unix, I mean BSD btw.

I recommend OpenBSD, if you have very basic needs.

That system puts everything including other BSDs and probably most operating systems to shame in general, due to lack of bloat and reasonable security that linux wouldn't go near ever.

Anywho, no hard feelings from me, but in all seriousness, most operating systems communities/fans have more toxicity then they should.

Point being, pick whatever OS suits you best, all I will say is, it would be wise to pick that one if you need the minimum in functionality, aka word processor, low tech games and web browser stuff.

Sorry though, I hope you know, your not the only one I do this too. I do this to anyone I consider requiring to loosen up.

Either way, peace then and have a good one!

Btw, just so you know, I am not trolling you right now.

When I troll, I prefer sarcasm or nonsense anyhow.


#6 Re: Installation » Dependencies of libfluidsynth-dev on libsystemd-dev and libsystemd0 » 2022-11-21 03:54:57

gunpowdertea wrote:

Got closed by the maintainer - not his problem I'm not using Debian...

The literal first position of every sociopath and narcissist on the planet and probably also their 2nd through hundredth unless it hurts them long enough.


#7 Re: Installation » Devuan: Existential issues. » 2022-11-21 03:52:09

devuanuser wrote:

No problem.
Good riddance.

Once you kids grow up, remember to make an effort to man up and actually answer the OP questions


Btw, you really should chill, believe it or not, this is a friendlier crowd. If you want unfriendly or immature crowds, go to ArchLinux, or Debian fourms, try this stuff there, see how bad their response is.

Trust me, it won't be long till you get a new interesting title next to your username and it is similar to:


But it has one letter different.


#8 Re: Installation » Devuan: Existential issues. » 2022-11-21 03:49:10

Camtaf wrote:

Throwing a tantrum over such trivial matters as covered in this thread is entirely on you. If you're going to behave that way, then I expect this community is better of without you anyway.

We certainly will be......

.... the entitlement of some people. All over an "alarming" lack of gnome-user-manager preinstalled

.....& hasn't the common sense to install it for themself....

I wonder how the poster will fair on the Slackware forums...... wink

Well, I used hexchat a while back trying to get help for a different distro then ArchLinux once... probably he will get similar help to how I fared then.

I quit the chat not long after due to their hypocrisy in response.

Aka, they claim lightweight DIY and yet they embrace complexity like systemd and other unneeded garbage.


But yeah, they will love to have him there so much, that they will give him a new titled next to their name, hint it is similar to Banner, but not quite.


#9 Re: Installation » Devuan: Existential issues. » 2022-11-21 03:46:14

steve_v wrote:
devuanuser wrote:

remember to make an effort to man up and actually answer the OP questions

Throwing a tantrum over such trivial matters as covered in this thread is entirely on you. If you're going to behave that way, then I expect this community is better of without you anyway.

Sheesh, the entitlement of some people. All over an "alarming" lack of gnome-user-manager preinstalled FFS.

There is a better way anyhow, he could just...




I am one of the few out there who want a stable, libre, privacy focused simplisticly designed system, meaning, the core of the system of an OS, to me shouldn't adopt every bloated corporate ideal under the sun. Aka, java, anything requiring dbus, systemd, wayland, pulseaudio, pipewire, openssl only, as mandatory dependencies and stuff like it, as much as possible.

This all being said, with linux, the more you are willing to do DIY, it seems like the more potential for actual stability, security, freedom, etc... otherwise you get a mess... all for the sake of shiny eye candy.

Btw, it would have been easier if this person just instaled XFCE4. While this isn't free from the crap I mentioned, completely, it is at least many times more stable from what I remember than the following:
Some window managers that are bloated as well, etc...

This has been my past experience btw... when I used devuan and other systems prior especially... with the exception of my current system of course... smile

Btw, using the terminal is not as hard as newbies or outsiders to linux would think. The documentation is friggin everywhere on the web lately.

Oh one last thing too, love your sarcasm... only removed that part, because mods don't like too much unneeded comments from what they reply to.


#10 Re: Installation » Devuan: Existential issues. » 2022-11-21 03:35:37

devuanuser wrote:
ralph.ronnquist wrote:

It's vaguely interesting that you want to whine so incessantly about what you have and haven't installed.
Please go on.

I try a last time.
Give factual answers please and not just innuendo and vague opinions.

1) Why is there no gui-based User config in Devian Desktop.
You claim there is ... please provide program name and directory
2) Why does the Live version allow capitalized user names but the Desktop version only allows lowercase.


Uh... yeah... lol

I just want to make something clear...

I do not see any innuendos...


You silly thing you...


#11 Re: Off-topic » Lennart Poettering (Systemd) Lands at Microsoft After Leaving Red Hat » 2022-11-21 03:30:14

@blackhole I think we can agree on one thing in particular, Microsoft is probably not just years, but possibly even a few decades away from making such a change, unless they feel like they have no choice, or they are far enough in their design that they could pull a "google" like move and still make as much as they made before.
I get the feeling you are basically saying that is a huge NO to both of those.

Btw, you can feel free to skip to the very bottom if you get bored, but these are some things I do think in general regarding bloatware, below:

As for the thing about BSD and Unixlike systems being targetted more, that would depend largely on if you use a linux system with a lot of overengineered crap in it, like systemd, dbus, pipewire, wayland, etc... basically stuff that is made to force vendor lock in aka... or if you use something without a lot of that stuff, or if you use a BSD or Linux distro  which avoids adding that crap, etc...

Btw, saying microsoft is actually secure nowadays sounds like a joke to me. Although I suppose microsoft could have you connected to a server the moment your OS boots to protect you from other people's malware... obviously not theirs... tongue

That being said, forced upgrades and no way to turn that function off and also, its stability, constant surveillance, backdoors, etc...

I get if you say they have better security then before and the fact you didn't mention privacy, because that would be completely pointless, but even then, I don't completely agree with your assessment on either of these two things.

if they switched to a BSD or Linux kernel, this would not be bad for all of them, just the ones that adopt the most bloatware,  which would be huge damage to the Linux users, but for people who use OpenBSD, it would probably be just a tiny scratch given their standards on security.

My point being, the sandboxing features of OpenBSD are massive.
Although, even then, avoid the mainstream linux distros that absorb all the corporate bullcrap that redhat convinces people to adopt and you probably still have probably a thousand times better security. Hell, unless you have proprietary nonsense enabled with remote issues, you still would be better off and even if you had to do so, still better off.

This all being said, I don't think any of this is beneficial long term for Linux... unless it forces the majority of distros to change how things are done similar to Hyperbola.

Which, let's face it,  would only happen if actual hell broke loose on most computers using Linux due to the redhat bloat and it could be proven, etc...

to say there is less than 1% of all this, would be laughable... more like less than 0.0001% chance...

To put it simply:

"@zapper: Yes I understand that your arguments were not based purely on one OS being older than the other - just pointing out that commercial  reasons for a new "base" are lacking, in more ways than one."

I agree with you on the commercial reasons part, mostly because they would probably have had some info leaked by now, etc... if this was true.

#12 Re: Off-topic » Google in trouble again » 2022-11-21 03:07:03

pcalvert wrote:

I haven't gotten around to trying that yet.

Devarch wrote:

Blocklists are not enough. Ublock or smth else is a must.

I agree. I like NoScript and uBlock Origin. I usually use one or the other, but I've seen some people recommend using both together (with NoScript set to "Allow Scripts Globally"), a combination I have not tried.

This is only a good idea, if you have a specific option on:

Apply these restrictions to whitelisted sites too, at least for the mostly dead legacy one.

If there is a similar option on the webextensions addon, I assume this to be true there as well.

Noscript aka...

But yeah, that might not be the only one. wink

#13 Re: Devuan Derivatives » GNUinOS - Libre » 2022-11-21 03:02:00

shenzero123 wrote:

recent i am using gnuinos and i very interesting with it
because it have update new and fast than devuan(although it is devuan-based) and it use runit make default instead sysvinit. I tried download chimara but netinstall, desktop install and live install, it display false positive of mouse and it make i press false all software but with newest version daedalus, it wont. I tried and i comfortable with daedalus version but it have a issue. i cannot install it, because it dont have a guide, tutorial or installer anything in live version. and yeah with text install version i almost cannot see what is displaying on the screen sad
I will very happy if you can fix issue, thank you!
P.s: recently all linux distribution based debian/devuan almost dont have new update with lastest kernel 6.x, some will have, some wont but i am regular user, i just want kernel lts for stable to use for work and daily, with me lastest will not bestest LOL , sorry for my english :3

I had trouble last time I used daedalus too... to be fair.

Though it might be in beta still, it was last time I used it... last I checked.


#14 Re: Off-topic » Google in trouble again » 2022-11-17 21:50:13

I just realized something btw, I missed some very interesting insane stuff in this thread... I thought I was going to want to get popcorn, rather than miss another thread going off the rails...

Seems it hasn't done so...

This is for the better though, sometimes some "trolls" go alot further than anyone should ever go... into crazy town!

Btw, unrelated but... duckduckgo, cannot be worse than Google... that is completely 100% impossible... at this time.

Duckduckgo, still has a long way to go... to get there. Maybe someday?

I don't know the specifics, etc... but what kind of tracking do they do?

Also, is it as hard to evade as Google and do they force javascript down anyone who visits their website?

If its not yes to all of these, then no its not worse as of now.

As for WASM, I will look this up, but is that... to do with flash?

If so, that is tiny in danger level regarding escaping compared to javascript... although it still is probably way more malware prone then javascript as an obvious...


adobe flash was proprietary anyhow and the web wasn't flooded enough to where it couldn't be dealt with if I had to guess...

#15 Re: DIY » [SOLVED] make xstarfish randomize the names, » 2022-11-17 21:40:13

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

I think you need to explain exactly what you want to do here.

In respect of this:

while : FLAG=0; do
touch=$(date +%N)
    starfish -d 60 -o ~/Wallpaper/$(date +%N)
sleep 60000

Why FLAG=0? I think chris2be8 was using that to create an infinite loop but my while : bit does that already.

Why have you set the touch variable and then not used it?

Why are you using the -d flag for starfish? I think that controls the delay between switching wallpapers when it's run in daemon mode. It's not needed at all if you just want to create a bunch of wallpaper image files.

If you just want a random wallpaper switcher then run starfish as a daemon, then you won't have to save any image files at all because they will be generated on demand. I think this is the intended mode of operation anyway.

I actually, just realized something beyond stupid and possibly insane...

As long as I keep "using it" and the folder its being created in, is open, theoretically, it should keep pumping them out... and as long as I don't do what I usually do... aka, use bleachbit, nonstop, etc... to delete thumbnails, etc...

The problem is basically solved...

facepalm.jpeg seems appropriate here... like on an insane scale...


So...  my apologies, its solved.  Btw, I think that was what you just said, right?

The funny thing is, for some unknown reason, a lightbulb went off when I was deleted files via bleachbit-gtk...

the .thumbnails folder... is the solution!

Anyways, thanks for the help... I appreciate it!

The only thing I really need to do which should be easy enough, is to make sure when I exit jwm, I have it set to paste those files elsewhere on shutdown... 


#16 Re: DIY » [SOLVED] make xstarfish randomize the names, » 2022-11-15 00:12:48

This was my latest attempt, more or less, I kind of wanted to have it occur every so often, via a specific duration... wink
while : ; do

mkdir -p "$dir"
while [ $count -lt 11 ] ; do
   starfish -o "$dir"/Wallpaper"$count"
   count=$((count+1)) # ah ha ha
sleep 60000

Actually, this is going to sound insane, but I just found my error... stupid or not

insert embarrassed face here...  __________

seems I have two different sets of "whiles"  this doesn't work, does it...


EDIT: FINAL hopefully?

while : FLAG=0; do
touch=$(date +%N)
    starfish -d 60 -o ~/Wallpaper/$(date +%N)
sleep 60000

I use this and it works, except for one thing...

*Keeps trying to change the most recent one and not create a new one from the CURRENT date*

#17 Re: Off-topic » Lennart Poettering (Systemd) Lands at Microsoft After Leaving Red Hat » 2022-11-14 23:50:42


So you don't think they will become the next Google, down the road somewhere?
Btw, I am not doubting BSD, Linux and others being old, my point was not at all that they weren't.

I just thought Microsoft would want to have actual security while still being able to do the BS google or apple does, etc...

To put it bluntly, security without the privacy... tongue

Although, this might be for the better anyhow...

Google is a huge fan of planned obsolescence anyhow... even more the microsoft... all you have to do is see the amount of products Google kills and how long they stay around compared to Microsoft products being killed and you will know what I mean.

This all being said, I don't think its a pipe dream at all.

But also, maybe in the near future it would be useful in some way?

But I doubt Microsoft would do this, without getting enough things into place to where it wouldn't be just as privacy invasive as their old system.

The main difference would be its ability to get malware probably would be much less...

Btw, I don't think Microsoft would base their new OS on linux due to the GPL issues that annoy them.

More than likely they would do what Apple did, only somewhat less restrictive with their specifications, but just as terrible as Google's security.

Long story short?

*If they did do this for some reason, I very much doubt, they would be unprepared to abuse it in a way similar to their old operating system. Thus, it would probably be largely similar and not a useful change for anyone.*

That would be my understanding... but I hope that I am wrong about the majority of these. With the exception of them considering open sourcing like Google, but obviously without any other "Google" changes.

*Rant done... tongue*

#18 Re: Off-topic » Lennart Poettering (Systemd) Lands at Microsoft After Leaving Red Hat » 2022-11-14 03:36:34

yeti wrote:
Camtaf wrote:

So, MS wants to go Linux, quite a good move on their part, (they've been there before), but why on earth put it on top of their 'Windows' system!

Maybe someday they'll flip it upside down.

Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel, predicts Eric Raymond

On that note, I will just say:

Linux should always be the base and if microsoft is really needed for anyone, it should be loaded within linux.

Because linux would at least give some security even if you used friggin ubuntu or its derivatives.

Even with system dumb within it...

#19 Re: Off-topic » Lennart Poettering (Systemd) Lands at Microsoft After Leaving Red Hat » 2022-11-14 03:34:34

Camtaf wrote:

So, MS wants to go Linux, quite a good move on their part, (they've been there before), but why on earth put it on top of their 'Windows' system!

To be honest, I won't miss systemd or pulseaudio, I prefer not to use them anyway... smile

But....if Linux gets too much more commercialized, I'll be going to the BSDs for my computers. big_smile

If that happens and HyperbolaBSD isn't finished on an alpha level let alone  a  beta level, with the functionality I need most, then I will switch to OpenBSD.

PS, I don't need the same amount of "stuff" people need.

A word processor, web browser, maybe some lightweight emulators, qemu and a lightweight window manager, basically what Hyperbola has now... maybe minus the uxp stuff...

But that being said, I will try to wait as long as I can for now, given my support of them.

Not trying to offend... devuan is nice and all, but wayland is not something I want or need... dbus, I hate you... and redhat's other projects, whether they are made by poettering or someone more nefarious or as bad, etc...

It doesn't matter who it is, init freedom isn't going to be enough at this point.

Btw, Microsoft could go open source to the level I mentioned, but I don't know if they would, etc...

If they did what the other entity did, regarding blocking operating systems other then theirs to the same degree on all x86 hardware or others... I would be completely against said move.

Though they might at some point anyhow.  So its a mixed bag what I think is best.

#20 Re: DIY » [SOLVED] make xstarfish randomize the names, » 2022-11-14 03:25:24

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
zapper wrote:

is there a finite limit?

No. Use this construct to start an infinite loop:

while : ; do
done … colon.html

zapper wrote:

how many files would be a bad idea to have in one folder for someone like me?

Infinite files would be a bad idea. Otherwise the image tiles are about 100KiB in size so it depends how big your hard drive is. Many files would only cause a slowdown if you tried to view them all at once, for example in a graphical file manager with thumbnails enabled.

Can you show me an example of theloop you mentioned?

Something akin to,  create new wallpaper via starfish per duration with a different name via date, then start over,

Been trying to get it to work, but it gives me the unexpected end issue when I try...



#21 Re: DIY » [SOLVED] make xstarfish randomize the names, » 2022-11-14 03:22:20

GlennW wrote:
zapper wrote:

I bring this, wondering how many files in a folder would cause me the same problem I have when I read a /etc/hosts type adblock filterlist with 1 million, or one hundred thousand lines on it...

One million takes a bit to load,  on T430...
A lot Longer time on X230 but loadable.

hi, Have you seen a noticable difference with host addblock?

I had been using ...

# This MVPS HOSTS file is a free download from:            #
#                          #

but unloaded it about 2 months ago and haven't really noticed a flood of adds. offtopic I know, but... ?

Yeah... about that... your comment is in fact off topic quite a bit... nothing new for me  tho... tongue

With that out of the way, that host link you had, is beyond outdated if you look up their sources.

Just a heads up...


#22 Re: Off-topic » Is wayland the new systemd ? » 2022-11-14 03:19:32

@dcolburn @golinux @glennW

Hmm.. not vaporware... no.

They are still working on it... thing is, the alpha iso itself isnt even out yet.

They could use some help lately... hence why I brought this up.

Actually,  like the poster before me just said Parabola is an arch-fork.

However, Hyperbola was its own thing, a hard fork of arch linux with debian patches for stability privacy/security and long term support.

That being said, they could use donations and help in general right now, due to the lack of devs and help as a whole...

Luke the uxp developer, has been... away for the time being, related to some management issue that Hyperbola was willing to address, but... problem being, he isn't answering any  email messages, so... yeah.


It is a truly unfortunate situation.

The good news, being, they are still trying to do so.

They could move faster if they got more help, also... you could potentially make a fork of devuan off of it, for whatever purpose you wanted.

PS, wine no longer interests me... at all.

My reason for wanting a fork, would be to increase devs willing to help... and to get the stable iso finally finished.

That being said,  help would be appreciated for them.

#23 Re: DIY » [SOLVED] make xstarfish randomize the names, » 2022-11-11 03:24:03

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:


mkdir -p "$dir"
while [ $count -lt 11 ] ; do
   starfish -o "$dir"/Wallpaper"$count"
   count=$((count+1)) # ah ha ha

Add set -eo pipefail as the first line (after the shebang) if you want the script to exit after any of the commands fail.

EDIT: that example provides 10 images, change the -lt 11 bit to modify that.

EDIT2: added counting Count reference. I love jokes in the comments.

This one is very good!

Just one small thing though, is there a finite limit?

Also, as a last question, how many files would be a bad idea to have in one folder for someone like me?

As a huge important hint, I should mention:
I have two libreboot X200 computers... one of them is in a very not so good shape, as an unneeded info... wink
One X230,, which mostly works, beyond a key missing, Dual core i5-3380M
one T430i which has a quad core processor i7-3632QM

I bring this, wondering how many files in a folder would cause me the same problem I have when I read a /etc/hosts type adblock filterlist with 1 million, or one hundred thousand lines on it...

One million takes a bit to load,  on T430...
A lot Longer time on X230 but loadable.
However, if its the X200... forget about it!


Although, beyond this, probably I am good for now.

But do you have any advice?

Waiting on that before I mark solved.

#24 Re: Off-topic » RotaJakiro backdoor that's been found in some systemd packages » 2022-11-09 20:45:16

andyprough wrote:

Anyone read the news on this RotaJakiro backdoor that was just discovered? It was found in 3 systemd-daemon packages: … ckdoor_en/

Sounds like it was very secretive, using rotating encryption to avoid detection. Might be the product of some state-sponsored hackery.

Here's a news writeup from TheRegister: … e_spotted/

To be fair, just looking at the draco desktop project's use of dbus in it, a while back... I may have mentioned this before, but G4JC, mentioned to me, that dbus actually fingerprints your hardware ID... even if at the time it didn't upload it, its possible they added that, so that it would be easy to make linux more finger-printable...

I would very much like it, if the majority of developers would wake up and realize, that redhat is no friend to the open source community... let alone the free software or as some call it the libre software community.

This might be further proof that my theory of EEE is dead and has been replaced by something much worse...

Gain Complete Control

This is probably why corporations like Microsoft have mostly given up on trying to outright defeating their opponents...

I think now they decided, since we can't beat them, lets take advantage of them, till we can acquire them.

This all being said,  I read below, that you guys seem to think it is not like that because of the systemd developers...

Okay... but honestly,  no function like systemd, dbus, wayland, etc... should ever need to keep adding features like it is a rolling release bleeding edge project, constantly...

I think they do things this way, because it gives them plausible deniability that they are trying to take over the Linux ecosystem.

Considering they develop it, that also means, people have to go to them for support which means they can make a lot of money in addition to the above.

I am glad other alternatives exist to this mainstream corporate broken garbage...

Its good that systemd-free distros exist still, but to be fair,  I begin to wonder if its getting closer to time, to for not just Hyperbola, but other distros to go down a similar path... even if not on a fully libre level...  at some point, I begin to think, that it might be wise for other  non-systemd distros, to start ditching so much bloatware.

At least wayland for example, java would also be wise, given its security issues, etc...

Though I doubt getting rid of dbus will ever be on devuan's radar until someone makes a lightweight replacement that can make the original dbus, not needed.

Aka, like OpenWRT's ubus, only with the same support as dbus for everything.

Anywho, just some of my thoughts...


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LU344928 wrote:

Texas AG Sues Google

Incidentally, some may not know about this new search engine. It seems to me better than Ducky, YMMV, and when it comes to delivering uncensored news and reports it may even compete with Yandex, though I realise the latter's popularity may have waned somewhat due to current events.


We exist because the search results you’re looking for shouldn’t be buried on page 6, if they’re allowed to appear at all.

Google, Amazon, and Facebook have too much power over the information we see. We can hardly search, buy a product, or send a message without their influence. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the world as they want us to see it, not the way it actually is.

So another words, water is wet, drinking bleach will at best hospitalize you or at worst kill you...

Getting a third degree burn will make most people scream or be in pain for many hours...

Seriously, is anyone surprised that Google keeps having these situations?!?

Trusting Google to not be corrupt is like thinking, if you throw yourself into an active volcano you won't die...

Just DON'T!

Not much else to say there...  btw, all these mainstream media websites and news corporations are evil, whether they are ultra right wing, or right wing, or pseudo left wing...

So... yeah, at this point, I rarely get surprised by their "BS" anymore.

Its a pity that we can't have javascript, java and ideas like them erased from the world and from people's minds and replaced by something that actually is  not completely bloated...

(Rust doesn't count!)


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