10:09:35 <Xenguy> you guys are dope, keep it up

14:48:33 <omen> do i set time/locale settings just like in debian? I think my settings are scuffed
14:49:31 <omen> tmux shows me wrong time and xfce clock just straight up crashes
14:50:11 <mason> omen: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
14:50:51 <omen> missing a space?
14:51:03 <mason> omen: Are you?
14:51:15 <mason> omen: If so, do it like what I typed.
14:51:22 <omen> I mean I have no package called dpkg-reconfigure
14:51:47 <omen> oh I just needed root
14:53:06 <mason> omen: FWIW, you can also do it the traditional way and link /etc/localtime appropriately.
14:53:10 <omen> uh i think i need to set UTC time and not local in my BIOS
14:53:23 <mason> Generally, yeah, unless you're dual-booting Windows.
14:53:28 <omen> ty mason, brb
14:53:40 <mason> Also, dpkg-reconfigure locales
15:06:29 <omen> works perfect now. Had to remove and add the xfce clock again to fix that also
15:08:22 <mason> good good
15:08:28 <mason> Alright, hitting the sack. G'night.

---------- 2021-06-13 ----------
03:00:11 <ShorTie> what package is xtables_legacy_multi-xshared.o and xtables_nft_multi-xshared.o in ??

03:20:57 <rwp> ShorTie, It's a .o file so it would not normally be in any package. It would be a temporary build object resulting from local compilation.
03:21:27 <rwp> ShorTie, I would suspect it would be in available from build dependencies of the iptables package.

04:15:54 <ShorTie> hmmm, ok
04:15:59 <ShorTie> Thankz
04:17:44 <ShorTie> iptables is the 1 that maker them, like /root/swe/debs-sources/iptables-1.8.7/iptables/xtables_nft_multi-xshared.o
04:18:04 <ShorTie> s/maker/makes

04:52:13 <chomwitt> i did a fresh install of Beowulf in a cloud server. i selected runit as service manager. How do i restart sshd ?
04:57:54 <rwp> chomwitt, AFAIK the runit services use the "sv" program. So (I think) "sv restart foo" would do it. But caution on my advice since I am only somewhat familiar with runit.
04:58:38 <chomwitt> ok , thanks rwp . i'll try it
05:01:21 <rwp> chomwitt, Here is a good reference for all things runit related:
05:01:55 <plasma41> chomwitt: see also /usr/share/doc/runit/html/index.html
05:17:51 <chomwitt> i've looked at files in package openssh-server and not seen any related service dirs with files like run ..
05:18:37 <chomwitt> plasma41, ok but its a vps controlled with a terminal
05:19:00 <chomwitt> plasma41, so i need a text based browser first!
05:22:06 <chomwitt> i wonder what is the usual way to control a devuan vps , a terminal with tmux or with remote desktop utility?
05:26:02 <plasma41> chomwitt: lynx is my text-based browser of choice.
05:29:18 <plasma41> chomwitt: run `dpkg -L runit | grep man8` on the system running runit for a list of all the manpages.
05:32:44 <plasma41> chomwitt: I you'll find your service directories by running `dpkg -L openssh-server`.
05:33:02 <chomwitt> yep lynx!!
05:33:12 <plasma41> chomwitt: s/I you'll/I think you'll/
05:33:38 * sadsnork just ssh'es to his Devuan VPS's
05:33:43 <sadsnork> Is that wrong?
05:35:28 <plasma41> sadsnork: If it works, no.
05:37:25 <chomwitt> plasma41, ``dpkg -L openssh-server' gives /etc/init.d/ssh and systemd stuff only
05:38:07 <plasma41> chomwitt: does it list any files under /etc/sv/ ?
05:38:14 <chomwitt> no
05:40:22 <chomwitt>
05:40:54 <chomwitt> aha!!!
05:41:08 <chomwitt> chimaera
05:42:10 <plasma41> chomwitt: Yes, looking at the right version is indeed important.
05:43:20 <plasma41> chomwitt: `dpkg --status openssh-server | grep Version` to see the currently installed version
05:44:50 <chomwitt> 1:7.9p1-10+deb10u2
05:45:41 <chomwitt> so what are my options.. i guess runit emulates sysvinit
05:46:16 <chomwitt> do i try Chimaera?
05:46:49 <chomwitt> is it like testing in debian ?
05:48:38 <sgage> yes, just like testing in debian. Been working great for me for months.
05:51:07 <plasma41> chomwitt: you can either switch to Chimaera or try installing the chimaera version of openssh-server or download the chimaera openssh package and compile the package locally.
05:51:12 <chomwitt> so it seems runit is a work in progress i guess
05:52:35 <chomwitt> i prefer to switch to chimaera.
05:54:27 * chomwitt is happy that devuan has an online service.. cool
05:55:21 <plasma41> chomwitt: is indeed really neat.
05:55:42 <plasma41> ^Hear that, rrq?
05:58:28 <chomwitt> should i do a fresh install or upgrade from Beowulf to Chimaera ?
05:59:45 <fsmithred> runit discussion:
06:00:50 <plasma41> chomwitt: A fresh install is likely to give you the least trouble. I'm not currently aware of any issues in the Beowulf-to-Chimaera upgrade path, but I also haven't tried it myself yet.
06:01:31 <sgage> I've done said update several times with no problems.
06:03:04 <chomwitt> fsmithred, thanks.
06:04:44 <chomwitt> ok. see you. i'll try fresh since is already a fresh install. i asked upcloud to create a devuan cdrom iso to speed things up
06:05:24 <chomwitt> but i think i should tell them to include chimeara too
06:05:37 <chomwitt> not sure if they care thougth
06:12:49 <plasma41> chomwitt: I'm currently running a Beowulf/Chimaera hybrid system, but it's a totally unsupported setup. I only do it because I'm confident enough in my understanding of the inner workings of Devuan to be about to troubleshoot and fix it when it breaks.
06:12:49 <plasma41> chomwitt: and it has indeed broken at times so I have had to figure out why and fix it
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