09:19:22 <gnarface> nemo: hypothesizing that the kernel from unstable isn't necessary, i suggest trying to debootstrap ceres into a chroot so you can install openjdk 16 and the minecraft server in there

10:31:15 <mason> Minetest is a bit buggy.

11:23:47 <nemo> gnarface: I'm thinking I should just forcibly install the .deb and see what happens ☺
11:23:56 <nemo> gnarface: nothing system critical probably requires java
11:24:21 <nemo> not to mention, I *think* java versions are packaged to install side by side
11:27:04 <nemo> seems fine so far
11:33:01 <gnarface> yea it might work, i just avoid that type of behavior because usually it leads to failed release upgrades after i've forgotten doing it
11:34:09 <nemo> I 'spose. shouldn't be too hard to remove though
11:34:14 <nemo> thankfully it had no weird dependencies
11:34:26 <nemo> or at least. the dependencies it had were on standard chimaera stuff
11:34:36 <nemo> once it makes it to chimaera I'll do it properly

16:12:34 <mdt> mason: nice writing, does that mean i can replace elogind by seatd? can you suggest that?
16:14:44 <mdt> (it doesnt conflict with elogind, does it even work alongside with elogind?) as an old-school-unixer i am not an expert on all these new login deamons today :/

18:43:22 <Walex> mdt: Not many I think are experts on "all these new login deamons today" because they are wonderfully underdocumented, a bit like the various services under MS-Windows, that is the model that are following.
19:10:52 <paprika> during boot, using openrc, with no ethernet cable attached, it tries to configure DHCP for about a minute, how do I disable/skip this?
19:18:11 <lts-> paprika: the answer depends on your dhcp client. Either it might be possible to fork that to the background somehow, or at minimum it will support a timeout variable. Try "grep timeout /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf" for example
19:20:18 <Walex> paprika: or you can disable the networking service, or you can deconfigure the ethernet interface.
19:20:54 <Walex> paprika: are you perhaps asking how to *detect* that there is no cable attached and then skip DHCP if there is no cable attached?

---------- 2021-06-12 ----------
00:40:36 <mason> mdt: I haven't tried it yet but I plan to. I don't run elogind because I don't feel like running systemd on my systems.

00:40:48 <mason> I like seatd's philosophy.

01:21:42 <Guest84> Hi
01:22:44 <Guest84> Apt package downloading speed is too slow I tried to change mirror but still very slow like never cross 150kbps
01:26:54 <onefang> might be useful, and / or to help pick a nearby mirror.
01:31:06 <Guest84> ty I will later

05:56:43 <mdt> mason: yes, their writing sounds great but `apt purge elogind libelogind0 libpam-elogind` removes half of the system - libelogind0 seems to be kind of important. so i wonder how to run a system without elogind
06:01:59 <fsmithred> mdt, you can run a system without elogind pretty easily if you start with a minimal install and avoid task-*-desktop package. Install stuff manually.
06:02:34 <fsmithred> avoiding libelogind0 or libsystemd0 is not really possible without doing some extra trickery.

07:13:57 <eyalroz> Hello channel peops,
07:14:04 <mason> mdt: The only thing I depend on that links libelogind0 at present (at least for the server where I was testing this) was OpenSSH, and that, coming from OpenBSD, clearly doesn't require it itself, so can be forked.
07:14:29 <eyalroz> quick question: Installing chimaera: Should I use the new alpha netinst image, or should I install beowulf, edit the APT sources and dist-upgrade?
07:14:29 <mason> As for elogind, as fsmithred says, it's pretty easy to avoid.
07:17:58 <golinux> eyalroz: Feedback on the alphas would be appreciated but either method works
07:18:35 <eyalroz> golinux: Is there reason to believe they would be flakey?
07:18:45 <eyalroz> s/they/the alpha iso's/
07:20:17 <golinux> No.
07:20:36 <golinux> Just want to make sure nothing is missing etc.
07:22:51 <eyalroz> golinux: Ok, then I'll try the alpha then
07:23:23 <eyalroz> I'm not in the mood for bug-filing though, I filed 20, yes 20, bugs against LO Impress over the past 4 days.
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