17:13:51 <ElPresidente> quick question. in the netinstaller, it refers to OpenRC support as being experimental and requiring some manual configuration. what does it mean by "requiring some manual configuration?" last time i installed devuan it seemed to just work (until i moved to unstable for the fun of it and destroyed that VM)
17:14:12 <ElPresidente> additionally, is runit supported more than openrc? it doesn't have a disclaimer like openrc.
17:40:16 <xrogaan> not all daemon have openrc scripts available
17:40:23 <xrogaan> or was it for runit?
17:40:41 <xrogaan> IIRC, that's what it means.

18:56:38 <DPA> openrc can use sysvinit skript, and it usually works just fine. I haven't used runit yet, and don't know to what extent it's used/supported.

23:01:16 <jonadab> Does anyone anywhere maintain a list of (current) hardware whose firmware does/doesn't give you @#$! about booting operating systems other than The Intended One?
23:01:43 <jonadab> I've had a devil of a time with the UEFI on my last system, am not looking to repeat that kind of experience.
23:08:41 <specing> jonadab: buy a computer with Coreboot/Libreboot/petitboot, then
23:09:19 <jonadab> Hmm, can I just throw that into a search on Amazon, for example?
23:09:27 <specing> no
23:09:50 <specing> coreboot and libreboot have a hardware support list (motherboards + laptops)
23:09:51 <jonadab> Yeah, looks like no. "Coreboot" gets me boots, in the footwear sense.
23:09:56 <jonadab> Ah.
23:09:59 <jonadab> THAT would be useful.
23:10:01 <specing> petitboot ships with raptorcs Talos
23:10:03 <jonadab> I'll look for that.
23:10:07 <jonadab> Thanks.
23:11:09 <specing> jonadab: you can also get something from Pine64 or the reform ARM laptop

---------- 2021-06-09 ----------
00:18:27 <luser978> Normally selecting bios mode for booting makes things work jonadab . Uefi is not really needed for anything other than tpm secure boot afaik.

02:05:37 <daemon> hey all how would I install an old version of php on devuan and an old mysql/maria client
02:05:42 <daemon> php56 looking around
02:05:48 <daemon> do not really care which maria/mysql
02:16:42 <fling> radicale works when I start it by hand with su -m radicale and then radicale -D
02:16:46 <fling> but not via service
02:16:48 <fling> how to debug it?
02:16:55 <gnarface> daemon: php5 was last seen in jessie, which you might still be able to install
02:17:50 <gnarface> php7 is currently in beowulf. afaik there was never a php6
02:19:06 <gnarface> (if you can't get jessie to install, try installing beowulf then installing jessie into a chroot inside it)
02:20:08 <gnarface> fling: startup scripts operate with root permissions but not root's shell environment... sometimes not even the same shell (i think dash is the default now and it does cause known problems parsing bash)
02:20:25 <gnarface> fling: i'd check paths first, then check for bashisms in your script
02:20:29 <fling> nothing gets logged to syslog
02:20:49 <fling> syslog works but I see nothing when I stop start this particular service
02:21:00 <gnarface> hmmm
02:21:24 <gnarface> so the service script works when you run it by hand like "/etc/init.d/whatever start" ?
02:22:04 <gnarface> i assume you have the /etc/rc*.d/ symlinks in place?
02:22:11 <gnarface> and a proper LSB header block in the script?
02:22:16 <gnarface> and it's marked executable?
02:22:17 <fling> it says [ OK ]
02:22:21 <fling> but status reports not running
02:22:34 <gnarface> well what does "ps aux --forest |grep whatever" say?
02:22:40 <fling> empty
02:22:43 <gnarface> maybe the status check is just what is broken
02:22:44 <gnarface> ?
02:22:45 <gnarface> no?
02:22:47 <fling> no
02:23:00 <gnarface> hmm, script suspect
02:23:02 <gnarface> that should work
02:23:15 <gnarface> do you know any bash?
02:23:21 <fling> just install radicale and try yourself
02:23:23 <fling> it is tiny :D
02:23:33 <fling> I know bash
02:23:43 <gnarface> hmm, does the init script come with it or is this an init script you made yourself?
02:23:44 <fling> still not used to devuan init system
02:23:57 <fling> the initscript is from devuan
02:24:05 <fling> I've not edited it myself
02:24:19 <gnarface> does it refer to any files in /etc/default/ ?
02:24:51 <gnarface> sometimes you have to change a 0 to a 1 in there or something lke that
02:25:01 <gnarface> i'm not familiar with radicale but i'm not feeling like installing it right now to test
02:25:03 <fling> [ -r /etc/default/$NAME ] && . /etc/default/$NAME
02:25:14 <gnarface> yea find that file and read its contents
02:25:20 <gnarface> look for something like "uncomment this line to make it work!"
02:25:46 <fling> ok
02:25:46 <fling> radicale: error: unrecognized arguments: --daemon
02:25:51 <fling> should be -D instead of --daemon
02:25:57 <gnarface> heh
02:26:00 <gnarface> well that looks like an obvious bug
02:26:04 <gnarface> is this in beowulf?
02:26:31 <fling> still not starting btw
02:26:38 <fling> I think initscript is for version 2
02:26:50 <fling> but chimaera has 3
02:26:58 <gnarface> oh so you're on chimera?
02:27:03 <fling> yes
02:27:03 <gnarface> breakage may be expected then
02:27:12 <gnarface> you might want to file a bug report though
02:27:18 <fling> right
02:27:20 <gnarface> or just tell fsmithred
02:27:24 <gnarface> if he's here
02:27:26 <fling> fsmithred: hello
02:27:58 <gnarface> bug tracker is at
02:28:32 <fling> RADICALE_OPTS="--daemon"
02:28:40 <fling> initscript has it too
02:29:17 <gnarface> that seems like the type of thing that could have changed from beowulf to chimera but debian might not be be maintaining the init script anymore
02:29:40 <gnarface> if they are, the bug goes to their bug tracker, if not it goes to ours
02:30:12 <fling> they have version 2 there
02:30:48 <fsmithred> hi fling. What?
02:31:27 <gnarface> having a problem launching Radicale and there seems to be bugs in the initscript
02:31:28 <fling> fsmithred: radicale initscript is outdated
02:31:35 <fling> fsmithred: --daemon should be -D etc
02:31:54 <fling> there is something else off, the daemon is not starting but the app works when I run it by hand
02:33:15 <fsmithred> I don't generally mess with init scripts
02:33:55 <gnarface> what do we do about this one? do we report it to debian?
02:34:00 <fsmithred> isn't there something you have to do to register an init script with the system? Maybe that didn't get done.
02:34:27 <gnarface> hmm.... fling it would be interesting to know what sysv-rc-conf says about it, just to sanity check the symlinks
02:34:39 <gnarface> i don't see why that should need to be done unless this wasn't part of the package though
02:34:49 <fsmithred> gnarface, yeah bug report would go to debian.
02:35:02 <fling> gnarface: everything [ ]
02:35:20 <fsmithred> I was thinking maybe they removed something from the postinst script but left the init scripts in the package.
02:36:38 <fsmithred> fling, the empty space between the brackets means OFF for that runlevel
02:36:51 <fsmithred> arrow keys and space bar can fix that
02:37:02 <fling> sure
02:37:04 <fsmithred> most things run in 2-5
02:37:07 <fling> the initscript is not starting by hand
02:37:11 <fling> I will debug it later
02:37:43 <fsmithred> maybe compare init script to older version
02:37:48 <gnarface> the symlinks shouldn't need to be there for starting by hand but you might need to alter /etc/default/radicale
02:37:56 <fling> fsmithred: the initscript is for version 2 probably
02:38:00 <fling> fsmithred: but I have 3 installed
02:38:03 <gnarface> you might need to just fix paths
02:38:11 <fling> this too
02:38:14 <gnarface> since /usr/sbin/ and /sbin/ are no longer in root's path by default
02:38:19 <fling> I will look into it later
02:39:38 <fsmithred> for running the script manually, it might make a different whether you use 'su' or 'su -' to get root.
02:39:46 <fsmithred> different/difference

03:22:45 <sadsnork_> daemon, have you seen ? It has php 5.6, 7.0, 7.4, and 8.0 - I am currently using it successfully to install php v5.6 on beowulf with apache2.
03:38:56 <jonadab> luser978: The firmware on this workstation does not support BIOS-mode for booting. It does not support non-GPT anything. And it does not support booting to hard drive partitions that aren't Windows Boot Manager. It is basically distilled evil. This is what I don't want to get stuck with again.
03:39:33 <jonadab> I don't think it would even be possible to install, say, Windows XP on this system. If you wanted to for some reason. Or DOS. Or anything.
03:39:43 <jonadab> Well, "possible".
03:39:55 <jonadab> It's possible, it just requires tom-foolery.
03:44:45 <jonadab> As evidenced by the fact that I've been running Devuan on it for a couple of years.

05:54:06 <luser978> jonadab: we all have doorsteps
05:54:42 <luser978> jonadab: we all have doorsteps
05:54:42 <luser978> jonadab: we all have doorsteps
05:55:27 <luser978> jonadab: we all have doorsteps
05:55:38 <luser978> argh
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