16:58:30 <omen> is it safe to install .deb packages still or will I end up with systemd?
16:59:16 <omen> I was thinking of trying out the Alacritty terminal
17:06:27 <yeti> get the deb-src and rebuild that on devuan?
17:07:34 <omen> is that a no? :D
17:07:44 <omen> it's just a single .deb package
17:08:37 <omen> I don't think I'm able to build it if it needs any work
17:09:38 <omen> I'll check if I can find another fast terminal that I can update with apt
17:10:33 <Hurgotron> omen: Lots of packages from Debian just work. But some may have systemd dependencies. Have a close look when trying to install.
17:14:08 <jonadab> omen: If you already have all the dependencies for a .deb, for an application like that, then it's probably fine; but it's also a bit odd that it's not in the Devuan repository, if it doesn't require systemd.
17:14:31 <jonadab> (Unless it's proprietary and only available from a proprietary repo, like Opera.)
17:14:32 <omen> it's not on the official debian repo either
17:15:00 <jonadab> In general, third-party binaries are usually frowned upon in *nix circles.
17:15:04 <omen> it's on beta phase still
17:15:15 <omen>
17:15:26 <jonadab> (First-party binaries are ones you compiled yourself. Second-party is in this case the Devuan repos. Third-party is any other source.)
17:15:40 <omen> i see
17:16:15 <omen> I have complied couple programs in my life. It's baffling for me that some of us compile their whole os
17:16:57 <jonadab> Windows users are accustomed to needing to use third-party binaries *all the time*, because first-party binaries are a ridiculous hassle to create beyond the bounds of all reason, and second-party is extremely limiting because Windows comes with, basically, nothing.
17:17:32 <jonadab> But in *nix circles, compiling something yourself is usually considered significantly preferable to using a third-party binary. It's also often easier.
17:19:00 <omen> and for version control they would use like git?
17:19:03 <jonadab> Linux distros come with so much in their repos, that a lot of users don't even need anything else; and when you do, getting a working build environment is as easy as apt-get install build-essential, and a lot of software is really easy to compile on *nix.
17:19:46 <fling> omen: try gentoo
17:19:49 <omen> :D
17:19:52 <fling> gentoo also works on windows too
17:20:03 <jonadab> These days, git is the most common version control; mercurial and darcs are other common ones.
17:20:34 <jonadab> There are also still a few projects still kicking around with CVS (*shudder*) or, almost as bad, SVN.
17:20:45 <jonadab> Hopefully nobody is still using RCS.
17:21:10 <Hurgotron> jonadab: I think xfwm4-themes is not in Devuan but it's in Debian. Can't see any systemd dependencies.
17:21:50 <jonadab> Hmm, dunno.
17:22:56 <omen> i really like the default xfwm theme on devuan
17:22:56 <Hurgotron> I didn't give it too much thought (well, usually I'm in a hurry when installing a new syste...) so I just grabbed the Debian version. But it seemed to be an oddity to me
17:24:09 <omen> "Clearlooks-Phenix-Cinnebar", might be default on debian also

18:56:45 <omen> when i build my programs, are they more optimized for my system?
18:57:08 <luser978> they are no000
18:57:29 <luser978> they are more gentoo, then

19:42:35 <ShorTie> i'd say only if you have a custom gcc omen
19:42:59 <ShorTie> nothing like Gentoo
19:43:22 <ShorTie> it's in a class of it's own
20:01:20 <omen> I built the terminal emulator. It's awesomely fast but with 60hz monitor I don't know if it even matters. I have 240hz
20:03:34 <omen> it's weird. The speed difference does not matter but everything feels smoother

---------- 2021-06-10 ----------
01:24:26 <golinux> omen: Clearlooks-Phenix-Cinnebar was put together specifically for Devuan.

01:39:40 <brocashelm> hurgotron: xfwm4-themes is also not available in debian. it was removed from some reason. the last branch to include it was stretch (ascii for devuan). just install it from that repository and you should be set
01:40:31 <brocashelm>§ion=all

02:25:11 <Hurgotron> brocashelm: Ah thanks. I guess I just googled it when I didn't find it in Devuan and downloaded it from the Debian pool without paying attention for versions.
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