09:21:07 <redrick> Well, it's moving ever closer to the International Date Line, anyway.
09:23:18 <va7lnx> I still have a 6.5 hours left
09:23:29 <va7lnx> 6h 38min

09:57:18 <redrick> va7lnx: Plenty of time to sow chaos. We're counting on you!

14:16:45 <Digit> just saw, devuan has a conference this weekend. joys! :) (nice gopher page yesterday too, hehe)

18:51:11 <_abc_> Hi, does devuan use specific, modified persistence on live booted images? There seems to be a discrepancy between what devuan uses and what debian claims to use (since wheezy). Ref:
19:16:26 <fsmithred> _abc_, waht's gong on?
19:17:39 <fsmithred> the live images use live-boot and live-config from debian, so the options for persistence are the same

20:09:42 <_abc_> thanks fsmithred, will be back about this later.
20:12:11 <fsmithred> I'll be traveling later
20:12:26 <fsmithred> leaving in a few hours
20:16:22 <_abc_> Ok, I'll sort it. Have a nice trip.
20:16:52 <fsmithred> thanks
20:40:55 <gnarface> _abc_: i seem to remember doing that with debian and finding there was a discrepancy with debian and their own documentation
20:41:04 <gnarface> i forget exactly what
20:41:22 <gnarface> some minor change to the path or something like that, probably
20:52:05 <_abc_> gnarface: thanks, I also find there are some things which do not seem to work as expected

---------- 2019-04-02 ----------
00:03:57 <g0zzy> The installer seems to get itself quite confused about EFI. Once again, it seems to think i want grub-install to install for EFI, but i don't. How do i tell it to just do an old-fashioned legacy MBR into /dev/sda?

00:10:09 <g0zzy> Oh, i should say that it might be my fault - i could have specified an EFI install. I didn't really want to though
00:25:27 <ashleyk> whats the proper way to disable console blanking at boot, because it keeps turning my monitor off, i already tried /usr/bin/setterm -blank 0 -powersave off in rc.local...
00:30:00 <gnarface> ashleyk: "xset dpms 0 0 0"
00:32:31 <g0zzy> OK - unborked. Nuked /boot/efi grub-efi then reinstalled grub-pc
00:33:21 <ashleyk> gnarface, im not using X, or logging in
00:35:25 <gnarface> ashleyk: try it like this then: "setterm -blank 0 -powersave off -powerdown 0"
00:36:06 <ashleyk> ill try that, i didnt have powerdown
00:36:09 <ashleyk> maybe thats it :)
00:36:13 <gnarface> maybe
00:36:16 <gnarface> or maybe it's that you never logged in
00:36:34 <gnarface> in which case it seems as though you would have to maybe pipe the output of settterm to the /dev/tty in use?
00:36:42 <ashleyk> well rc.local should run without loggin in :)
00:37:18 <ashleyk> let me try powerdown, then if that doestn work, yes i think actually i may have solved this years ago on another system with stty perhaps
00:37:33 <gnarface> the arch wiki shows this example: setterm -powerdown 0 >> /dev/tty3
00:37:43 <gnarface> presumably that would work to any terminal even if you weren't logged into it
00:38:14 <gnarface> i guess i've never tried this
00:38:14 <ashleyk> cool thanks
00:38:59 <gnarface> if that fails, check into vbetool
00:39:17 <gnarface> which should allow you to change dpms settings at the vesa bios directly
00:39:39 <gnarface> (but i've only tested that for disabling laptop displays)
00:48:30 <ashleyk> is it okay to change /etc/issue?
00:49:12 <KatolaZ> ashleyk: that's *the* issue :P
00:49:15 <ashleyk> will it get clobbered or will's just pile up or w/e
00:49:46 <KatolaZ> ashleyk: man issue
00:49:50 <ashleyk> k
00:50:06 <KatolaZ> or motd
00:51:03 <ashleyk> guess its fine to change, i know its been around for decades, just wasnt sure if people still changed it
00:51:22 <KatolaZ> it's up to you ashleyk
00:51:26 <ashleyk> in my case, if someone hooks up a monitor i just want it to not be a blank screen (no keyboard to mash) and perhaps say my product name :P
00:51:37 <KatolaZ> yep
00:51:46 <ashleyk> noice!
00:52:35 <ashleyk> though i think ill rep devuan in there somewhere

01:22:54 <fsmithred> ashleyk, you may want to populate /etc/lsb-release, also. Then you'll see your name in the grub menu.
01:23:44 <ashleyk> fsmithred, nice, but im using uboot

01:59:08 <parazyd> Anyone interested in the Devuan conference happening this weekend is invited to join to #devuan-conf.
01:59:43 <tuxd3v> Hello parazyd
01:59:48 <tuxd3v> thanks
01:59:54 <ashleyk> parazyd, nice!
02:00:08 <tuxd3v> I Am very sad, because I cannot go :(
02:00:19 <parazyd> Hopefully the streaming will work :)
02:00:45 <ashleyk> gnarface, the >> /dev/tty1 worked, thank you
02:01:24 <gnarface> ashleyk: good to hear. that confirms it needs that to work when you're not logged in then?
02:01:42 <tuxd3v> parazyd, I suffered an accident, and I am waiting a very complicated surgery, maybe I will never walk again...or maybe walk, but no running or bycicle or radicals sports..
02:02:08 <tuxd3v> I was planning to go
02:02:19 <tuxd3v> And its sad I cannot go.
02:02:22 <parazyd> I'm sorry to hear this.
02:02:48 <tuxd3v> Yeah life is a box full of surprises
02:03:04 <ashleyk> gnarface, one of a few ways im sure, but yes it works
02:03:06 <tuxd3v> Doctors are optimistic about I been able to walk
02:03:28 <gnarface> ashleyk: cool, thanks for letting me know
02:03:37 <tuxd3v> But I need so do some bonecreplacment part by metal parts..
02:04:08 <tuxd3v> bone replacments for metal parts
02:05:26 <tuxd3v> Any Way, I am very sad I cannot go, does you will have a stream so that we can see it even if not realtime, I mean defered, it would be nice
02:05:39 <tuxd3v> For guys like me that are not capable to go
02:06:52 <ashleyk> its in the netherlands
02:07:22 <ashleyk> "For those unable to attend, the event will be live-streamed, recorded, and available online.
02:07:22 <ashleyk> "
02:08:15 <tuxd3v> Thankyou guys
02:08:26 <tuxd3v> I will be there with all of you!
02:08:31 <tuxd3v> in spirit

03:20:37 <SigmaTel> Is "Netinst" image compatible with UEFI mode?
03:21:01 <SigmaTel> Which is also called "minimal live" on Devuan's downloads webpage.
03:24:13 <gnarface> SigmaTel: 1) yes 2) false
03:24:23 <gnarface> the minimal live is something different from netinst
03:24:50 <gnarface> i think you might have to disable secure boot or add a key of your own to it to make uefi work though
03:25:15 <gnarface> if i understand that right
03:25:52 * SigmaTel tries to find netinst image on mirrors, but fails to do that.
03:26:03 <gnarface>
03:26:15 <gnarface> look for the substring "netinst" in 2 of the files in there
03:26:59 <SigmaTel> Oh, thanks!
03:27:05 <gnarface> no problem
03:44:53 <buZz> gnarface: i -think- not all motherboard manufacturers even have keys inside their secure boot setup
03:45:11 <buZz> at least, i've had it enabled on some systems that -still- allowed to boot the usb uefi installer
03:45:40 <gnarface> that might be
03:54:52 <ashleyk> hmm, need to study inetd
03:56:05 <ashleyk> does inetd / tcpd have a simple way to get the remote ip address
03:57:13 <ashleyk> ah yesh

04:34:07 <ashleyk> ut oh, letsencrypt is a nsa operation
04:34:13 <ashleyk> oops wrong channel
04:37:45 <specing> ashleyk: <3 SELinux

05:26:53 <ashleyk> lol
05:27:14 <ashleyk> read the first 2 things under "linux essentials"
05:27:34 <ashleyk> FFS!
05:30:55 <ashleyk> i made a kali image for linode...guess i have to do a devuan one also or try to get them to officially add it
05:35:55 <ashleyk> i made a ticket telling them to add Devuan

06:06:09 <specing> Hey I have an improvement idea for the devuan homepage
06:06:23 <specing> you know how most sites put up a large cookie accept banner?
06:06:44 <specing> devuan could do the same, but say "you have to agree NOT to accept cookies to proceed"
06:07:20 <MinceR> that would confuse people
06:07:31 <MinceR> and waste their time
06:07:46 <gnarface> i think it's a cute idea for an april fool's day joke, but you're a day late this year
06:07:54 <MinceR> indeed
06:08:22 <gnarface> would probably make people shit their pants less than the gopher revolution :-D
06:11:11 <plasma41> specing: At the bottom of the page you can already find the message "This site is a cookie-free zone"
06:12:01 <specing> plasma41: that gave me the idea
06:17:06 <furrywolf> I would much rather the development effort went to, say, pulseaudio-free software, rather than cookie naggings.
06:17:35 <MinceR> yeah, also, libsystemd-free :>
06:17:38 <specing> is there any software requiring pulseaudio?
06:18:07 <plasma41> and dbus-free
06:18:54 <furrywolf> fdo-free
06:20:11 <plasma41> furrywolf: amen
06:22:15 <MinceR> specing: yes, firefox
06:22:38 <specing> MinceR: firefox works well without pulseaudio
06:22:41 <MinceR> or as i've recently taken to calling it, failfox
06:22:52 <MinceR> well, they removed ALSA support at some point
06:23:03 <MinceR> maybe they put it back, but they've lost my interest
06:23:11 <specing> dunno, here on Gentoo it has been working without pulseaudio for a decade
06:23:19 <MinceR> if their mission is to make a clone of chromium except worse, i'm not interested
06:23:20 <specing> with audio, ofc
06:23:37 <specing> well yes, but what do you use instead of it?
06:23:45 <MinceR> chromium
06:23:52 <specing> no thanks
06:23:58 <MinceR> i wanted to use qutebrowser as well, but qt5 is massively buggy
06:24:17 <specing> well, I want something secure, but it just does not exist
06:24:24 <specing> even disabling JIT in firefox is a massive PITA
06:25:05 <specing> well, not as massive as it actually works
06:25:07 <furrywolf> debian has been building it with alsa support lately, due to people opening bugs every time they do not.
06:25:17 <specing> haha :)
06:25:23 <plasma41> I use a combination of lynx, dillo, and firefox 56.
06:25:27 <MinceR> :)
06:25:42 <MinceR> if only i had time to write my own browser
06:26:19 <furrywolf> imho, devuan should standardize on jack. I don't think anyone else has, and it would be a good idea.
06:26:59 <specing> I'd help on wasabee if I had time
06:27:04 <specing> currently I can't even compile it :/
06:27:17 <specing> wasabee - no-js webbrowser written in Ada
06:27:53 <MinceR> does jack have an alsa adapter for applications that don't support jack?
06:28:20 <furrywolf> yes
06:33:33 <furrywolf> bbl, time for work
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