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#1 2018-06-04 19:56:34

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browsers ... the eternel thematic!

as today a lot of sites restrict the use of her publications and those publications are the inverse of important for me, "links2" become to be again the best browser for me: I read the part of those sites offered free and refuse myself the rest: The sites claiming today for payment was not initially present in the web at all! they came willing and did offer without pression of peoples her prestations to acquire or wishing to acquire a monopolist position (yes, not only google, google did get it, but also the looser yahoo! and it is the same with newspapers online etc. they are winner and they are loosers).

with one exception: I need youtube. in fact has youtube also a monopolist position and millions of helpers of other peoples did adhere to the idea to publish online free manuals, informations and howto's on an extreme variation of thematics supposing that youtube will be free also in the future. this make youtube unique.

but you need a big arsenal of software.

only one example:

I will listen Anoushka Shankar and her sitar and know the existence of beautiful pieces of sound on the thematic "Georges" (Georges Harisson).

I try to open links2.

youtube appears! no problem. but the "search" function is not active...

also try I to find a way directly to the wished part of the enormous youtube index using

... google. com of course.

I open and search in the search line "anoushka shankar georges" with success

some titles of anoushka shankar are listed including George Harrison - Concert For George: Ravi's Orchestra - YouTube ► 10:57 Nov. 2016 - 11 Min. - Hochgeladen von GeorgeHarrisonVEVO In love and remembrance, CONCERT FOR GEORGE is being reissued, as a ... Ravi Shankar ...

so I did get in/with the poor links2 the youtube number for one of the songs...

what now? youtube songs themself can't be invoqued in links2 and need extrem heavy browser with an extrem heavy

which way can be try to listen youtube without firefox or adobe propriety software?


#2 2018-06-05 06:24:05

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Re: browsers ... the eternel thematic!

Hi oui! smile

I'm no expert, so please read my reply as such. smile

1. I've never used links2; therefore, I don't know how many resources it uses.

2. Due to the postings of two members here...siva and catprints, I eventually tried the browser surf2...which is available in the repositories. However, I can't say how it compares in resource usage to links2.

It is definitely much lighter than Firefox and Chromium, but it does take some reading on how to use it. After installing it, I was watching YouTube in just a matter of minutes (after discovering how to enable YouTube on it); however, it has been so long ago that I don't remember what I did to enable watching YouTube. tongue

Out of curiosity, I searched for the artist that you mentioned (yes, the search function works), and I watched some of her performances. She is indeed a wonderful musician, and I thoroughly enjoyed her music. Thank you for mentioning her. smile

Good luck in your search for a replacement browser! big_smile

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#3 2018-06-05 06:42:33

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Re: browsers ... the eternel thematic!

apt-get install youtube-dl


I also have a crappy script that mostly fixes the titles and converts to mp3 if you are interested.

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#4 2018-06-05 11:12:44

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Re: browsers ... the eternel thematic!

I like youtube-viewer , ill only use youtube-dl if i want to keep a video but just to stream youtube-viewer is good in my opinion. … be-viewer/

Below is a pretty simple command to get going and opens up the stream in vlc for me.

$ youtube-viewer

=>> Search for YouTube videos (:h for help)
> solo 

 1. Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer (by Star Wars) [02:26]
 2. Clean Bandit - Solo feat. Demi Lovato [Official Video] (by Clean Bandit) [03:44]
 3. Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser (by Star Wars) [01:44]
 4. Solo: A Star Wars Story ENDING EXPLAINED (by The Stupendous Wave) [07:49]
 5. All Easter Eggs In SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (by Mr Sunday Movies) [18:44]
 6. Clean Bandit feat. Demi Lovato - Solo (Lyrics) (by Cassiopeia) [03:41]
 7. Solo [Official Music Video] - Iyaz (by iyazlive) [03:25]
 8. Small Details You Missed In Solo: A Star Wars Story (by Looper) [07:59]
 9. Star Wars: Why Solo FAILED At The Box Office (by WhatCulture) [11:21]
10. Solo: A Star Wars Story "Big Game" TV Spot (:45) (by Star Wars) [01:01]
11. SOLO: A Star Wars Story Extended Trailer (2018) (by FilmSelect Trailer) [02:28]
12. Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Solo A Star Wars Story (by [09:11]
13. Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review (by Chris Stuckmann) [10:27]
14. Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review (by Jeremy Jahns) [05:56]
15. The Real Reason Solo Did Terrible At The Box Office (by Looper) [04:54]
16. Disney RESPONDS to Solo LOW Box Office Opening Weekend - Star Wars Explained (by Star Wars Theory) [04:12]
17. Solo: A Star Wars Story Easter Eggs, References and Cameos (by IGN) [07:03]
18. The Ending Of Solo: A Star Wars Story Explained (by Looper) [05:01]
19. Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Solo: A Star Wars Story (by Top 10 Nerd) [05:32]
20. Solo: A Star Wars Story | "Enfys Nest" Clip (by Star Wars) [01:22]

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#5 2018-06-05 11:15:21

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Re: browsers ... the eternel thematic!

Interesting. Didn't know about youtube-viewer. I'll try it out. Thank you!


#6 2018-06-05 11:21:09

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Re: browsers ... the eternel thematic!

^ your welcome.

Im on arch linux at the moment, well artix linux to be precise but they have it the repos im not sure if devuan does but they should, maybe in backports.

There is also a GTK gui version...

More info here:


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