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#1 2017-09-20 11:26:53

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[SOLVED] Boot of A33 Tablet is working but no OTG USB and WIFI

Boot of an Allwinner A33 Tablet is working I can see the loginprompt, but it's not possible to use a USB Keyboard with an OTG Kabel, or see the Wifi module in dmesg logfile.

The UART Port is shared with SD Card, I can't see other UART access on the board.

I booted also first with an cubietruck and installed some Firmware packages, but also the Cubietruck shows no Wifi, only LAN.

Is there something special to activate OTG or Wifi?

The OTG cable is working with Android, "busybox lsusb" will show the devices, but the Android system has no driver for Keyboard.

Is someone successfully working with an A33 Tablet, if yes, which one is the a working one.

thank you


I add g_serial to /etc/modules, now I can work with an keyboard over otg.

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