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#1 2023-09-29 11:13:23

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REPORT: Is GNOME a stable desktop for you on daedalus ?

Looking for feedback on usability of GNOME as a full desktop install from tasksel.

Developers are asking about other user experiences besides mine, to determine
if gnome is suitable as a desktop and should/or not be included as one of default desktops in tasksel.

1) Please no discussions about other/better desktops!
2) Interested in GNOME not GNOME-flashback
3) Full GNOME DESKTOP task install with gdm3.

I had personaly too many issues with mostly stock install,
(disabled things like avahi-daemon cups saned etc...)

Went through multiple computers, wayland and xorg.
stock nouveau, proprietary nvidia, and stock amd drivers.

X apps do not work at all through xwayland.

All installs having too many freezes/crashes of desktop(gnome-shell)
Even hard computer freezes without ssh, leading to a full reset.

User switching on top of that makes it even worse.

(could be just me and my old hardware i was testing on)

So , please report if you used gnome as a desktop for some time
(not just install,login and open an app or two)

Looking for genuine desktop experience, install, configure to your liking,
use all the apps you would normally use.

Report should include general hardware specs, and which GPU drivers were used
with which windowing system xorg or wayland?

And what were the issues/nonissues .




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