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#1 2023-02-12 22:00:15

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Meet the ARK System: A system for (re)building our digital world!

Evening everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the development of the Adversity Response Kit, also known as the ARK System! This kit, when fully put together by the user, will create a system that leverages the vast software selection of Debian, Devuan, ParrotOS or Kali, and the userland of Bedrock Linux, to create a machine that can facilitate the (re)building and (re)establishment of our digital infrastructure at the software level, as well as be used to preserve important human knowledge!

The following are goals for what the ARK system will be capable of when fully assembled (with their status listed next to them!):

1. Creating (and maintaining) an offline mirror of the chosen host distro's repository [COMPLETE]

2. House local copies of Wikipedia, and other such critical information bases [COMPLETE]

3. Be able to re-create this setup on another machine if needed [IN PROGRESS]

4. Enable an advanced multi-arch development workflow [COMPLETE BY WAY OF BEDROCK]

5. Be able to locally generate installation media OR hard drive images, both for host arch and other mirrored arches [NOT YET DONE]

6. Be able to serve the packages from the ARK System to other machines [COMPLETE]

The Adversity Response Kit can be found here: … ranch/main

In a world of Cyberattacks, Natural Disasters, and Widespread poverty, a system like this -and a competent owner- can make a truly large difference in protecting our future. And to those who do decide they want to take on the challenge or spare the resources to build one....

Good luck, and may your ARK serve you well!

That's all, folks.


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