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#1 2022-06-25 19:36:20

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TSC or HPET clock timer?

Does anyone have any insight what one should be using?
I'm noticing on some hardware TSC is giving me a warning in dmesg that it is found to be 'unstable'
Switching to hpet seems to negate this. However, I feel from no real understanding that using TSC would be ideal if it remains 'stable'

Does it depend on CPU and motherboard? What kind of things should I be looking at when we are talking about clock timers?

For reference hpet is part of the southbridge chip set where TSC is software managed I believe.
I figure TSC provides you ultimately with more control. But if deemed 'unstable' I am unsure what to think, but maybe sounds like this is an issue in itself where your kernel cannot 'control' the CPU timing.

Anyone have any insights into event timers? Something you can configure with grub.

From what i've seen about APIC and it's registers has been interesting to say the least.

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