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#1 2020-05-15 21:09:54

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The point of Devuan?

You know, I've been thinking (ouch!). It seems to me that Devuan, while still a relatively small project, is attracting more and more new people all the time, and many of them are perhaps unclear as to what Devuan is. In fact, some people seem to assume that Devuan is the answer to their personal Hopes and Dreams or something. A Rorschach test, as it were.

When I first encountered Devuan years ago, it seemed pretty clear: it was a project to create and maintain a systemd-free Debian. That's really all I wanted - pretty straightforward. But as the time went on, and I spent time on the forum and IRC, it became clear that different folks were forming rather different ideas as to what was the point of Devuan. There seems to be a contingent that feels that Devuan is/ought to be a super-minimalist system, and those who feel that it should be 'libre' to the max. Etc., etc.

Then come the SJW types. Devuan's association with Dyne I think might have contributed to this...

Dyne seems to be a very 'socially conscious' outfit (for lack of a better term). There is definitely a SJW vibe there, and some of the statements made by Jaromil and others strengthen that impression. Sometimes at the expense of the technology, such as the time Jaromil said that he didn't care if the repos were down for months at a time so long as the workers felt mellow and unstressed and fulfilled (or something - I don't remember the exact words). Now, as admirable as that might be, some folks/shops might not be real comfortable with that sentiment.

But others resonate with that, and next thing you know, you have folks like silver2 coming on trying to remake the IRC channel to his liking, appearing most thoughtful and gentle, and then flouncing off in a bitter cloud of invective when he receives pushback. To me, his proposals sounded like control-freakery, but whatever.

Me, all I ever wanted was a systemd-free Debian. That's really the point of Devuan, right?


#2 2020-05-17 04:19:51

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Re: The point of Devuan?

Yes my opinion is that devuan is a systemd-free debian and much more .
Just looking at other distro's you can see how gnome is getting more and more space, memory and bugs all I wanted was a system that just works when you see the problems you get with the damned systemd you just say thank you devuan.
Even if I am still at my begining of creating and programing I am very happy that devuan has a great community here .
I was not a Irc person but I will start joining the channel and see what is the atmosphere there , all I can say is that on this forums is all perfect


#3 2020-05-17 06:56:28

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Re: The point of Devuan?

Yes, the point of Devuan was and remains to provide people a systemd-free Debian system. And IMO it's best for the project to stay as close as possible to that mantra. For me, all I care about is having a comprehensive, easy-to-install systemd-free apt-based Linux system for everyday use that's not just easy to install but also use, maintain and update. And as I have ab-so-lute-ly zero interest in playing personal politics I tend to stay away from the 'social' aspect of this by'n large friendly community, although as and where I can I'm more then happy to help out.


#4 2020-05-17 13:12:35

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Re: The point of Devuan?

Yeah, our primary goal is to provide systemd-free debian. For those who want minimalist or libre or some other combination of packages, configs or whatever, there are derivative distros that fulfill some of these needs, and there are several ways of making your own, and there's a community of people already making their own who will offer ideas and advice and will help you solve problems you run into.

That brings us to a secondary goal - to accomplish the first goal with the least amount of work. We have a team of around a dozen people to keep up with the hundreds of debian developers. All are volunteers. We like to keep it simple and easy wherever possible.


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