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#1 2020-05-15 17:14:05

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Lowest memory footprint obtained.

I just recently returned to the GNU/Linux community so to speak, although I have been using it steadily since the mid-2000s and previous to that before a hiatus. Anyway, I like this project, the community I've seen thus far, and the general DIY theme. I've been wondering what is the lowest memory footprint/usage any of you has been able to obtain with a WM and what was your wm/basic setup.

Thanks in advance for any replies.



#2 2020-05-15 19:14:31

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Re: Lowest memory footprint obtained.

Landor wrote:

lowest memory footprint/usage any of you has been able to obtain with a WM and what was your wm/basic setup.

IMHO it depends on what you consider "basic". I've experience installing general use computers in high school computer labs. We need browsing and office programs at a minimum. My Debian and Devuan installs with KDE take about 4GB of disc and run with just 1 GB. Latest Devuan 3 system require more RAM to be responsive, may be about 2 GB, but this figure is still untested personally.

Hope it helps.


#3 2020-05-15 19:32:00

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Re: Lowest memory footprint obtained.

35MiB used, Alpine Linux (64-bit) & dwm with slstatus for the bar information:


EDIT: I think that system was running openrc-init as PID1 instead of busybox.

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#4 2020-05-20 11:31:44

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Re: Lowest memory footprint obtained.

IMHO it depends on what you consider "basic".

IMHO Basic isnt about what software you need to run. I'm sure Landor means about the minimum needed to run DE or WM.
For instance.....

I have a laptop with first gen i3 and 4 gig ram. Stock Mint 19.3 XFCE runs at about 360mb. I can get it with office suite and browser installed, idles at 250-290mb with minor tweaks. With the wordprocessor and firefox open runs at about 800-1000mb.

I get similar numbers with Devuan Beowulf Beta clean install on the same machine.
Unless they're open browser and office software installs add nothing to fresh boot idle load.

Whereas Mint 19.3 Cinnamon clean install idles I seem to recall at about 700-800mb, I get similar numbers too with Kubuntu.

Miyolinux-EXTRA ASCII 2018 2nd edition which is openbox with xfce panel and whisker menu, with my own minor interface tweaks but no additional software installed idles at 170mb, stock is about 185-190mb.
Note one can also choose lxpanel and menu or straight openbox and menu.

Miyolinux JWM based on Beowulf beta live running on usb idles at 145mb
Miyolinux ICEWM based on Beowulf beta running live usb idles at 165mb

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