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#1 2020-02-21 06:50:22

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I Filed a bug this evening using Reportbug.  I got a response saying I had sent the report to a list of which I am not a member and I should not report bugs to unless it is a bug in Reportbug.  That email address was supplied by default by Reportbug itself. 

I used Reportbug for almost 2 decades while running Debian and I've never seen this issue before.  Is this now the default Devuan configuration for Reportbug? Should I be chasing down package maintainer's email addresses and inserting them in Reportbug as a normal operation, or is this a bug specific to Devuan?   

I am running Ceres. 

The other issue I have with Reportbug is that my ISP provides only IMAP email with no possibility of a POP account and I cannot get Reportbug to work with the IMAP server.  I've configured it to use the correct ports, the correct password, the correct encryption, and the correct user name but attempted reports are always rejected by the IMAP server leaving me with the only option of creating the bug report file in /tmp and then copying it from there into an email and sending it that way.

Anyone else ever have this problem with configuring Reportbug to work with an IMAP server?  My default email client is Evolution.


#2 2020-02-21 09:57:55

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Re: Reportbug

reportbug needs SMTP details to send, IMAP/POP3 is for receiving, which is unnecessary for submitting(=sending) bug reports.

reportbug package for devuan is not in ceres, so use a testing/beowulf package preferably : … se=beowulf


#3 2020-02-21 14:29:55

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Re: Reportbug

Reportbug is partially broken. I believe you can use it to generate a report, but you have to email the report manually.

To submit a new bug report, send email to with a descriptive subject line and the first line of the body should be
Package: <package name>

Follow-up messages go to <number>


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