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#26 2020-02-17 22:25:06

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Re: TWO kernels in one update?

This is only getting weirder every time I try something else. A complete purge and re-install has resulted in no resolv.conf at all in the /etc directory. It's now a symbolic link to /var/run/NetworkManager/resolv.conf but is still controlled by dnssec-triggerd. I don't know if it has the immutable attribute. It gives an error message when I try to check it. At least this time the DNS does work. Maybe the re-install forced it to update to the current master sig/key?

Meanwhile, another system that I hadn't gotten to still has /etc/resolv.conf and it has the immutable attribute. But this one is still successfully producing DNS lookups. Since it works, I won't mess with it for now. If I can ever get a handle on some sort of consistent behavior I'll see about a new thread.


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