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#1 2020-02-12 00:32:38

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SoftMaker FreeOffice installation

Hi. I am new to Linux, just making the switch from Windows. Although I have been examining the Devuan project for several years, this is my first attempt at trying a Linux distro, and I want to avoid SystemD. For my line of work, I was needing to use an office suite that is the most compatible to Microsoft Office, and multiple sources confirmed to me that SoftMaker FreeOffice is the most compatible office suite. I am inquiring if I would be able to install SoftMaker FreeOffice at the "command-line" inside Devuan, or install it by some other means. This is FreeOffice's installation instructions: … nux#debian

Thank you for your help.


#2 2020-02-12 05:55:51

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Re: SoftMaker FreeOffice installation

The Debian instructions on their site should work, either download and install the .deb package or add their repositories. The former option is probably "safer" because you're not relying on their repositories being well-maintained but the second option ensures automatic updates.

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#3 2020-02-12 11:15:37

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Re: SoftMaker FreeOffice installation

Looks like you can install this Softmaker FreeOffice with commands from the manual you have referred. However, Libreoffice is pretty compatible with MS Office. Anyway I recommend to request files in the old DOC format if it's possible. This is the most compatible way (except of PDF). The problem is MS Office is incompatible even with itself because there is no 100% defined DOCX format: every release of MS Office saves documents in brand new DOCX without specifications and descriptions.


#4 2020-02-13 03:23:35

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Re: SoftMaker FreeOffice installation

I've used it before on Devuan and NuTyX.

It's been awhile, but I just followed their instructions for Debian...

Download the .deb, and install the .deb with the terminal commands they provide.

Used the "Other" instructions for NuTyX.

I've also tried OnlyOffice on Devuan...which worked well.

In fact, when Microsoft wouldn't accept my Word 2013 license on my wife's new computer, because it said that license was already owned (or something like that). Yeah it's me! LOL! tongue
...I installed OnlyOffice on her Windows computer. She has two online businesses, and she hasn't had any issues with compatibility using OnlyOffice.

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