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#1 2019-12-20 19:34:17

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mp3 tagging, and puddletag

My preferred mp3 tag editor is Puddletag. Puddletag depends on pyqt4 which was recently removed in Debian. So...
I can run the pyqt5 port available from a source tree branch named pyqt5. However, it has some interesting limitations that I can't tell if are caused because of unported functionality or disabled because I didn't actually bundle it into a package.
Issues include:

  • Unable to save changes to mp3 files on the tag editor tool window (normally docked on the left). Changing the spreadsheet area contents does work.

  • Therefore, I unable to save album art

I am looking for recommendations for another mp3 tag editor, or an alternative way to run puddletag with some of this basic functionality enabled. If anyone knows of another spreadsheet-style mp3 tag editor, I would love to hear about it! Otherwise, I guess I'll learn to edit mp3 metadata one file at a time.

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#2 2019-12-24 07:08:56

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Re: mp3 tagging, and puddletag



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