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#1 2019-08-08 13:02:34

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ALSA is my favorite

Yeah, well, I'm guilty of being a minimalist and a tight wad, I still drive my mom's 1965 VW bug (made in Germany)...what can I tell you? My idea of installing, is to burn a CD not a DVD. That's why I love FreeBSD and OpenBsd, they got this 'boot only' cds (pretty small) and do everything thru the net.

I do a Devuan net install, install nothing, reboot, and THEN, install what I want:

My post-installation sound configuration is like this:
$ sudo apt-get install audacious audacity mpv mplayer alsa-tools alsa-utils

then I launch alsamixer:
$ alsamixer

unmute with letter m, adjust volumes, press Esc to get out of alsamixer, go to youtube and play my favorite tunes and raise or lower the volume with my keybinds in my window manager.
In icewm, jwm, or ratpoison.

In icewm:

    key "Ctrl+Down"      amixer -q set Master 9%-            # lower volume
    key "Ctrl+Up"        amixer -q set Master 9%+             # raise volume

Ctrl + Up/Down keys do the trick... that's it!


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#2 2019-08-09 21:41:47

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Re: ALSA is my favorite

Thank you for sharing! I like alsamixer-gui and alsamixer myself. I confess I haven't done a whole lot of configuring my window manager/DE to send volume up and down like you've got shown here for icewm.

I'm surprised you haven't got any conflicts in any programs with Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down for controlling the system audio. I normally have to bind to something longer.


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