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#1 2019-05-25 20:50:05

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Devuan ARM on Nvidia Jetson Nano: WORKS!

Nvidia delivers a kernel and Ubuntu 18 with their Jetson Nano SDK.

After a few minutes with it, I knew I could not use that OS.

Following the Debian-to-Devuan guides, I managed to kill-off all systemd badness and get a running beowulf system, with nvidia's additional stuff in a local repo.

Runs Open Morrowind very nicely @ 1920x1080 with 30-180fps.   Finally a decent ARM SBC with solid OpenGL.  F I N A L L Y.

The Raspberry Pi 3 will be ritually sacrificed for terminal instability.  Outdoors  Indoors


#2 2019-05-27 09:22:31

From: London
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Re: Devuan ARM on Nvidia Jetson Nano: WORKS!

It is deeply ironic that you choose a distribution created expressly to support user freedoms for a platform sold by the enemies of open source.

Does nouveau work on that device? tongue

Fabricando fit faber


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