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#1 2018-12-19 21:50:32

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Refracta Tools for Beowulf/Ceres (and Buster/Sid)

New versions of refractasnapshot and refractainstaller are available in Ceres and also on sourceforge. The ones on sf are signed with my key and have ~fsr in the version. Other than that, they are the same as the ones in the repo.

refractainstaller-base (9.5.0)

  * Set root path to include sbin directories. (for Buster/Beowulf)
  * Eliminate sudo/su question in wrapper script. Try sudo first.
  * Shorten log name to refractainstaller.log
  * Changed yad version test to 0.27 or newer needed. (This is a guess.)
  * Changed wording for sshd_config (s/without-password/prohibit-password)

refractasnapshot-base (10.2.0)

  * Set root path to include sbin directories. (for Buster/Beowulf)
  * Fixed missing grub splash in uefi boot.
  * Choose task first, get disk report only with full snapshot.
  * Put report in text-info window so it has scroll bars and fits on screen.
  * Merge grub-efi warning into main report.
  * Automate the encryption confusion:
  * Test initrd for cryptsetup. Rebuild with CRYPTSETUP=y if needed.
  * Test initrd for conf.d/resume and cryptroot. Remove if present.
  * Update ssh_config wording.
  * Replaced dysfunctional progress bar in check_space() with info window.
  * Test for config file after command-line options.
  * Changed name of log to refractasnapshot.log
  * Make help screen available within program.
  * Added '-iso-level 3' to xorriso command for isos larger than 4GB.


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