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#1 2017-07-29 05:19:49

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A Well Deserved Pwnie Award

I understand it was not picked up at the ceremony.  (-:

Pwnie for Lamest Vendor Response

The most spectacular mishandling of a security vulnerability by a vendor ended up winning a Pwnie for Lennart Poettering due to SystemD bugs 5998, 6225, 6214, 5144, 6237. The nomination reads: “Where you are dereferencing null pointers, or writing out of bounds, or not supporting fully qualified domain names, or giving root privileges to any user whose name begins with a number, there’s no chance that the CVE number will referenced in either the change log or the commit message. But CVEs aren't really our currency any more, and only the lamest of vendors gets a Pwnie!”


#2 2018-09-11 19:25:23

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Re: A Well Deserved Pwnie Award

I was going to post on this very thing but did a search first. For that reason I'm necro-bumping.

I just ran into a bunch of intermittent problems and traced them all back to this man's creations...

I'm going to retrieve my staff of eternal banishment. That's how serious this is.


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