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#1 2018-06-29 05:19:27

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System Specifications Of Users Systems?

I'm curious as to what are the system specs of members systems.

I'm using Devaun Jessie on a parts bin special Acer Aspire F1 with Celeron 2.8Mhz system, 1gig of ram and a pultry 45gig hdd matched with a Sony BRAVIA 20" 4:3 LCD TV acting as its monitor. I use it daily for doing most stuff I need to do on a computer. Files go on removable media. Jessie runs real well on it. I do have Crunch Bang on the smaller 10gig drive which was my previous Linux install on this system. I should really replace that with another hdd.


#2 2018-06-29 10:09:01

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Re: System Specifications Of Users Systems?

2010 optiplex 780 - 4g ram 3.0 ghz intel core 2 duo. I run it through a cheap lcd tv and it works great, resolution is 1366 x 768 on a 32 inch monitor using standard vga cables, i used dvi, hdmi and displayport cables in the past but had to use connectors for them due to the age of the hardware so vga is probably where it will stay as i really cant notice any difference using more advanced cabling with a TV that doesnt support display port and likewise a HDD that doesnt support HDMI , but that is all it really need for watching youtube and dvd's etc. Had it for 2 years now, started it off with a few debian distros but now have devuan ascii xfce4 on it running fine.

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#3 2018-06-29 11:42:05

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Re: System Specifications Of Users Systems?

Right now i am using a Thinkpad X220 (i5-2520M with 4GB RAM) but i also have a Core2Duo desktop (2.7GHZ or something?) with again 4GB of RAM, some cheap shit TFT and a GForce 9800GT (likely not worth mentioning considering the age but oh well). The Core2Duo is sometimes showing it's age but aside from recent games (i hardly game anyways) and some ridiculously Javascript intensive websites it's perfectly fine for my usage. I'd really like to have a SSD for the laptop but it's more about saving battery and data safety than performance. I hardly do anything that's bound to disk I/O so HDDs won't bother me. I also use a custom desktop that would still run great on a Pentium3 (obviously a lot of applications wouldn't and compiling stuff would take ages but you get the idea) so i don't really need a lot of power anyways.


#4 2018-06-29 16:54:08

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Re: System Specifications Of Users Systems?

My machine is an old Thinkpad T400 laptop. It has a Core 2 Duo CPU and integrated Intel graphics with 4 GB RAM and a 160 GB HDD.
I should probably upgrade RAM and take an SSD but it runs just fine with anything I throw on it. Right now it is Devuan Ascii.
I do not really need more for what I do apart the photo editing sometimes where I see the limitations.

Sometimes I connect the Thinkpad to an old 19" LCD monitor.


#5 2018-06-29 17:50:05

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Re: System Specifications Of Users Systems?

Hi Ivan,

from a fellow griller.:)


#6 2018-07-21 16:37:37

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Re: System Specifications Of Users Systems?

I use devuan ascii daily on my desktop, 3rd gen core i5 with 32gb ram, nvidia gtx650, dual monitor, 2tb + 250gb hdd
also on a raspberry pi 3b+  16gb microsd

devuan jessie I use twice a week on laptop, it's got some amd cpu from around 2010-2012, 8gb ram and a 250gb hdd
also devuan jessie once a week on a very old desktop (actually planning to replace it with a newer desktop soon), pentium 4 with 512mb ram and a 40gb hdd

also considering to replace debian 8 with devuan ascii on a remote server (or two) that I manage for work


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