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#1 2018-06-15 10:17:08

From: Warwickshire
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thank you devuan community devuan developers and linux creators

i like windows games but windows 10 memory ram consumage useless processes in the task manager, useless software that comes with updates and which results in slowlier performance, feeling that my laptop turns into the zombie under windows 10, forced me to stop using this system and look for something more efficient.
i went on linux mint, on fedora, they were nice OSES, but wine games were crashing, it was harder to configure anything etc. etc. then i was reading internet about how corporates spy on you and i found some website and another thing was linux mint and fedora still had weird processes, while i like to know what my system runs as well as having 100% control over it, or at least 75% tongue.

So yesterday i managed to configure my GPU drivers and that was tough one cuz i use optimus dual cards, its generic acer laptop for windows 10, but i deleted windows installed devuan last week. yesterday i started to install my favourite windows 10 games on my devuan xfce and guess what, i installed gothic 2, which had massive problems with performance and graphics on windows 10, on linux mint it was crashing, but on devuan i use hd textures patch everything on highest details and it works perfect, it looks like world of warcraft. installed diablo 2, installed diablo 3 that works like charm, and today is new season and im gonna start it on my devuan os, so im waiting till 16 and then im playing the game, but not on fking windows 10 but on linux <3:). Runescape 3 NXT works better than on windows 10 as well now im downloading path of exile, basically every game that i installed under wine works much smoothier and better than on other distros i used (on other distros i couldnt even launch any particular game) and especially better than on windows 10 that was overheating my laptop...

So im just really happy that i get results like that with windows games on devuan distro, and i wanna thank you all for help (people from #Devuan) and devs for developing Devuan smile and its for free too!!

I dont know if this distro gonna progress more and more but in few years if devuan will still be on, im gonna build a nice pc just for devuan.
And anyways right now im telling everybody how amazing devuan is and how good performance it has compared to other linux distros i used and windows 10 smile.

Thank you very much!!!!


#2 2018-06-15 11:05:39

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Re: thank you devuan community devuan developers and linux creators

Can't take any credit here but i am glad to hear about your positive experience. Who would have thought Linux to be such a good gaming experience with Devuan coming out on top being the icing on the cake?

I am not much of a gamer but i fully agree with Devuan being a good choice for people who want to actually understand what their system is doing. That is a very strong point for me also. On my personal setup i am down to having to get rid of dbus (which translates to finding alternatives or building my own packages for audacious and spacefm) and there be zero funky processes left. Loving it.

Also i am quite positive regarding the future of Devuan. As you say the community is great and i think it will only grow over time as more and more people taking refuge from all the damage systemd has done and thereby improving the (wo)men power behind the project.

Anyways, best luck with your season (even if i am not entirely sure what that is tbh)! Hope you'll do great and make Devuan proud! big_smile


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