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#1 2017-05-28 03:13:34

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Can't register because you are a 'spammer'?

Recently there has been at least one report of someone being unable to sign up due to being classified as a spammer. This post will explain explain why and how things can be resolved

How the System Works
The spam system on D1G uses several authentication methods. The most obvious is the question.  There is another one though. When you sign up, your IP and email address is checked against the online database of alleged spammers known as StopForumSpam (SFS)  If either result is positive, the forum will deny registration. Any attempts classified as spam will be reported to this service and thus future registration attempts will count as spam attempts regardless. Please note the Question for humans DOES NOT RESULT IN THIS. If you fail to answer the security question it will not count against you in this manner.

What to do if your registration attempt is classified as spam
First, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN UP AGAIN. I repeat, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN UP AGAIN. Doing so only makes things a bit harder to resolve and makes things take more time. Once this happens, go to to make sure that your email and/or IP is listed. Then connect to the IRC channel (freenode #d1g-users) and ping an administrator of the forums - golinux or Chanku or rrq.  Please tell us what email and username you used to register, the date of the registration and what the issue is. Remain online and at your computer. We will eventually respond. If you miss us or need to go and your issue is not resolved, please email us directly to us let us know what the issue is, what username you used and also the email you used to register.

I also suggest filing out this as well, especially if your name shows up during times outside of any attempted registration at D1G. If you show up multiple times, you need to get those resolved by either contacting the site that you tried to sign up on (which you may or may not remember) or request to be removed using the SFS request form. If you can not sign up due to this, please contact an administrator who can help create your account to bypass the SFS check.

How to make sure that you aren't accidentally classified as spam
The most effective thing you can do to make sure you aren't misidentified as spam? Do not attempt to register using TOR!

Before we continue, we do acknowledge that TOR is a wonderful tool and we have little issue if you use it after signing up. It is an unfortunate fact that some spammers use TOR to hide their actual IPs, and therefore some TOR exit nodes are tainted within SFS. If you absolutely MUST use TOR (IE: to bypass censorship), please check to make sure you aren't using anything that is tainted. If you are, or need help please contact us directly so we may help you.

We also wish to note that VPN usage, while allowed, may run into issues. It is NOT suggested to register using a VPN, but if you must please make sure the IP is not listed as a spammer. If you have issues we are willing to help.

Why don't you just disable SFS usage?
Unfortunately, that is not really something we can do. SFS checking has, at times, prevented human spammers. Further the automatic reporting allows for other forums to have up-to-date records on spammers. We do feel that since we are using the service, we should contribute as well, in order to help SFS and other forums fight spam (an issue that all forums generally have issues with).

While this method is not perfect, it is the best we can do at this time. We do hope that you understand.


#2 2017-05-30 01:58:28

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Re: Can't register because you are a 'spammer'?

This is a good thing to sticky.

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#3 2022-08-02 22:44:33

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Re: Can't register because you are a 'spammer'?

Good place for my first post. I got blacklisted and twice. Two addresses. I'll leave it this way. This will possibly add a nice human touch to some of my future forum registrations.

As for here, no note is printed in the registration form regarding this anti-spam mechanism. And at least on thing should be mentioned. Namely, that my IP and e-mail will be shared with a third party on the very first registration submit button click. No matter, how I set my privacy preferences in the form.

Another thing that might be mentioned there is the "do not attempt to sign up again". I'm not sure if it was missing or not at registration failure. Would it hurt to include it in the standard initial form?

Let me now say, hi forum! I've had Dev for a few days now and I like it so far.


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