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#1 2021-01-30 14:26:34

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Headless tigervnc-scraping-server installation


if possible I want to use the tigervnc-scraping-server with my headless Raspberry Pi 4.

Since tigervnc-scraping-server isn't able to catch the video signal from the cable with non-headless setups, it must grab
the screen from memory.

Therefore - from logical reasons only - it should be possible to run tigervnc-scraping-server on a headless machine.

On the other side: X11 protests and stop working when startet headlessly wink ... "no screen found - exit" .

Is there any way to get an accelerated desktop in combination of a headless RasPi and the tigervnc-scraping-server ...

...or is this idea completly nuts...?

How can I do this?



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