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#1 2020-10-13 18:22:43

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Freecad Migration from Ascii to Beowulf

I recently upgraded from Ascii to Beowulf, and had some hiccups with an existing Freecad install. I might've been using Freecad from ascii-backports or just ascii. The typical error I was getting in this situation was either an error upon starting freecad from terminal, or it would open to a window with no workbenches available. Essentially blank.

I had to uninstall freecad and also purge. I manually deleted the /usr/lib/freecad-python2/lib folder. Then:

apt-get install freecad*

This didn't work because
ldd /usr/bin/freecad noted a few missing libraries (apparently freecad-python2 reinstalled, but didn't reinstall properly). so

apt-get install --reinstall freecad-python2

and then i was up and running.

The next day, it was broken upon startup.

sudo update-alternatives --config freecad 

Repaired a link in /usr/lib/freecad/bin/

Apparently the python2 binaries were broken / out of date.

Further information:

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#2 Today 08:57:26

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Re: Freecad Migration from Ascii to Beowulf

did you try with freecad-python3 ?
python2 is obsolete, better use python3 packages.


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