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#1 2020-06-09 07:28:23

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Thank You

Just done a clean install of beowulf. The process was very smooth and straightforward, so a big thank you to everyone who made it possible.


#2 2020-06-14 18:25:09

From: Canada
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Re: Thank You

How bizarre, I came here to post the same thing!

Thank You!

I have ASCII on my desktop, but I tend to only use the desktop for Windows games (in Windows) these days, so I haven't done much Devuaning on it. I spend most of my time on my laptop, which is a Lenovo Ideapad 100e 81CY "Winbook" (4 core Celeron, 4GB RAM, 128GB EMMC) that I picked up earlier this year for a whole $270 CAD. I really like it for every day computing, retro computing, modest games, etc., but even with Win10 Pro it's a constant chore to make the most of this modest hardware. I think we all know that's not a problem with Devuan! Sadly, I was never able to get ASCII to boot this here 100e for some reason. It just wouldn't do it. Ubuntu, PopOS, and Manjaro worked fine, but I don't really like any of them for various reasons, so until Beowulf I was using Win10 all the time.

Anyway, Devuan is awesome. It runs fantastic and really allows me to make the most of my laptop (it's only using 912MB RAM writing this with Firefox). Nothing like 7 to 10 hours of computing on light, durable, real x86 laptop (that's faster than my old Core2 Quad desktop!).


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