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3440x1440 100hz working

Hi there,
This post is not a question, but just a discussion that might help others.
Maybe others can list high resolution or hz monitor support here?
I've spent some time recently trying various GPU's to get my new monitor working in ascii 2.1
If you have a 3440x1440 monitor both the nouveau and mesa driver worked for me out of the box at this resolution, but could not output at 100hz.
The cheapest current generation graphics cards to support 3440x1440@100hz I found are the radeon 550 and nvidia GT1030.

The following combinations I have tested:

The radeon 550 is not supported well by mesa 13, and I had to upgrade to 17.2 for this card to output at 100hz.
Radeon550 mesa 13:
hdmi 3440x1440@60hz
displayport 3440x1440@60hz
Radeon550 mesa 17.2:
displayport 3440x1440@100hz

The nvidia GT1030 does 100hz over displayport once you install the proprietary driver.
GT1030 nouveau:
hdmi 3440x1440@60hz
displayport 3440x1440@60hz
nvidia proprietary driver:
hdmi 3440x1440@60hz
displayport 3440x1440@100hz

AMD vega 3 graphics mesa 13.
hdmi 3440x1440@60hz
displayport 3440x1440@60hz

nvidia P620 nouveau:
displayport 3440x1440@60hz
nvidia P620 proprietary driver:
displayport 3440x1440@100hz
displayport 2560x1440@60hz x 2 monitors

nvidia GTX650Ti
DVI to HDMI 2560x1440@60hz x 2 monitors


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