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#1 2020-01-22 14:55:08

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Xsession- parse_vt_settings: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (Permission denied)

Yesterday I updated the /etc/apt/sources.list to ASCII 2.1 with slim (I actually run bspwm), and I encountered this bug:

With xinit (version 1.3.4-3+b1) … bug=856351

In normal login screen and on console /dev/tty1 trying to
run "

xinit -- :4

" fails with

Fatal server error:
(EE) parse_vt_settings: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (Permission denied)


startx -- :4

" works as expected. Wonder why xinit tries /dev/tty0
e.g. instead of /dev/tty1?


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