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#1 2019-05-21 13:30:16

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Corporate greed always wins

bills2002 wrote:

I live in the free country of America where living only 20 miles from the Microsoft headquarters I pay $140/month for 2 to 5mb/s with a 40gb data cap.  Cellular is amazing.  5G users will be too stupid to realize that the data cap was only to get you to spend more money.  Aren't you happy to live where you live? (Sorry, couldn't help whining.)

But after all, there is total nonsense… why did such a situation occur? Why do you suffer such a situation? I live in Eastern Europe. It is one of the countries of the European Union. For a fiber-optic internet with a speed of 10-15 GB / s, I pay 17 euros per month. It is a medium-speed internet, with no download limit (no data cap), the speed of which is quite sufficient for me. For the highest speed fiber internet (50 GB / s), I would have to pay about 35 euros per month.


#2 2019-05-21 17:15:38

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Re: Corporate greed always wins

I guess you could call on M$HQ with a stack of re-writable DVD's and d/l the lot there. You tell them that Bill won't mind wink

(sorry, that was too easy tongue )


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