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#1 2019-01-31 05:06:46

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safe networking with only one tool

Hello everybody.

I am at the beginning of learning how networking works.
Long time ago I have removed wicd-gtk and from there on I used only the dhclient command.

I have read some explanations and manual entries about networking with GNU / Linux and there are still many things I do not understand (seems like an own world to me ^o^), but I figured out, that dhcp has some heavy security issues: … l#Security … starvation
, so I decided not to use it anymore, removed the dhcp packages and disabled it in my router.

Further I understand that the net-tools seems to be obsolet and that it will be totally replaced by iproute2 in the future (correct me if I am wrong), and that they are only in the repos (and the basic install) because some scripts or programs are still use them.
I have removed net-tools from my system, cause I do not have any packages installed wich depend on it:

apt-cache rdepends net-tools

At the moment I am using ifupdown to get my network working after I logged in.

But I think I have understand that ifupdown is only a tool to using iproute2 with, so I wanted to know if it is possible to use only iproute2 to get my network working.
I have removed ifupdown, /etc/network (it was created by iproute2 but contains only ifupdown stuff), reboot the system and runned

ip addr add brd + dev eth0

followed by

ip link set eth0 up

and dmesg said that the link becomes ready but I can not get a connection...
What is missing?

Also after a few playing with ifupdown (after installed it again from a local repo) I have figured out that the files /etc/networks and /etc/resolv.conf seems to be necessary to get a connection...
(resolv.conf was configured by the dhclient comand I used in the past I think...)

At least: is netbase a necessary package for networking?

apt show -a netbase | tail -n 2
Description: Basic TCP/IP networking system

ifconfig has it as a depedencie but iproute2 not, also not its dependencies or sub dependencies...

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#2 2019-01-31 07:45:47

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Re: safe networking with only one tool

/etc/resolv.conf is needed for DNS to work, but before that you need to declare the routing paths.

How about adding a default route?

# ip route add default via dev eth0

That's assuming your router having IP Use

$ ip route show

to inspect the routing table. There's plenty more to read about routing, which is what provides networking above the link level packet exchange.

You don't need /etc/networks or the /etc/network tree; these are used by the ifupdown networking support, but they are not necessary for networking to work.


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