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#1 2018-12-31 02:22:22

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kill grub rescue

I didn't think I had any part of grub installed.However, after frying something on my system (I think), I saw a message saying "grub rescue >" when I powered the thing back up. I had earlier removed a directory called grub from my /boot partition, never proceeding further because everything seemed to be alright. Now, I suspect I've got something buried in my boot sector - or in something pointed to by the boot sector.

So, is there any package that pulls in grub as a dependency? I'm writing this from an Ubuntu machine and the closest it comes is a package called "ubiquity" that recommends grub.

Also, what is a good way to nuke anything with grub in it? I use lilo and not aware that I've ever installed grub, not even once.



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