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#1 2018-12-30 15:32:27

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Somewhere I had a message about some hardware problems I was having, and still am.

The 4.19 kernel finally came out, and so I was rebooted this Ryzen-1600 machine which has the idle problem.

In the bootup, there is a message to the effect that polaris11_k_mc.bin is missing.

Debian has 2 bugreports related to this missing firmware in firmware-amd-graphics (most recent build was August I believe).  I've no idea when this package might be upgraded, so that the 4.19 boot finds this file.

So, I did an apt-get source firmware-amd-graphics, which corrects me and just downloads firmware-nonfree.  There is a message to the effect that I should clone the repository at some address.  Okay, I do that.

There is a README file near the top of this git repository, which seems to say that I need to build a tarball first.  The command is debian/bin/

I run that, and it complains almost immediately that there is no debian_linux module to load.

Where is this module?

Looking around a bit, perhaps it is in a package called linux-tools?  But Debian only has linux-tools up to stable.  The package description in stable says this is a translation thing to bring in linux-perf.  Linux-perf is versioned to a kernel.  While the list of files for linux-perl-4.9 has python files (I presume some are modules, in the sense of perl modules), none seem to be named

How is a person supposed to build firmware-nonfree from source?  Do I have to do this on the hardware that has this idle problem (I can load up BOINC jobs to keep it from needing idle states on the CPU).?



#2 2018-12-31 00:30:24

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Re: firmware-amd-graphics

Perhaps get the source and build the latest mainline kernel.


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