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#1 2018-07-19 22:11:50

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Which direction for OpenRC on Devuan?

Hi all,

Aspiring sysadmin here and new Devuan user. Running ASCII as my daily driver after having used Debian Stretch for a while. I've used Linux on the desktop for years, mostly using RPM-based distros.

I'm very happy with Devuan because I basically get Debian without systemd. And it's a great way for me to familiarize myself with a traditional Linux environment while still having the power of Debian at my fingertips! In fact, I have a copy of the Debian Admin's Handbook on my desk as I write this. wink

That said, I was wondering where the Devuan project intends to take OpenRC. I'm far from an expert on the inner workings of the various init systems but from what I gather it seems that OpenRC may well become a contender to both systemd and SysV.

So here's my question: will OpenRC be adopted as the default init in future Devuan releases while still allowing SysV as an option, perhaps along with, say, runit?



#2 2018-07-19 22:38:58

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Re: Which direction for OpenRC on Devuan?

Hi there. I n I think is a good idea to move to OpenRC. It has backward compatibility to sysvinit and new rc-* utilities minimal and effective. We can count on a lot of good work from them UNIX tribes and the sacred fire burning in heartical queens and kings of Gentoo. I'm up for doing the switch in Beowulf already. Que viva OpenRC! Ciao

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#3 2018-07-20 06:39:42

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Re: Which direction for OpenRC on Devuan?

Hello tylerdurden and jaromil,
I use Devuan ASCII on all my systems, and use them with OpenRC. I only have made best experiences and results from using it, I would recommend it to all. I deeply hope OpenRC to become the Devuan-default, while leaving the old, trusted InitSysV as an option availavble.
I'm happy with the stability of Devuan, great!
Have a nice day!


#4 2018-07-20 21:44:44

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Re: Which direction for OpenRC on Devuan?

jaromil wrote:

Que viva OpenRC! Ciao

Viva jaromil e VUAs! Salute! smile

I have been Devuanated, and my practice in the art of Devuanism shall continue until my Devuanization is complete. Until then, I will strive to continue in my understanding of Devuanchology, Devuanprocity, and Devuanivity.

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#5 2018-08-17 02:12:11

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Re: Which direction for OpenRC on Devuan?

I gave openrc a swing on beowulf, and from this release, I can remove sysvinit-core and use openrc-init instead. It boots openrc directly, but skips /etc/inittab as a result. This means the gettys are not set up automatically and require a separate service. On Gentoo, there is an agetty service, but it's missing in Devuan. Creating the service manually allows for complete sysvinit independence, but the service should be provided as a package. I can deduce from how easy it is to replace sysvinit with openrc that it should be made the default init. Runit is a different beast, however, since it currently relies on sysv-rc and sysvinit scripts to even boot the system. I think runit-rc from Void Linux should be adopted to make runit independent of sysvinit as well.

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