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#1 2018-06-29 02:51:54

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qemu with gpu passthrough working

I didn't see anyone talking about this.
I am a 4 year running linux mint user.
I use qemu with gpu passthrough on my msi gt70-2pe laptop.
I have it working from mint 17 up to mint 19 beta.

I am new to devuan.
I am done with my testing and it works just fine on devuan also.
I had a few problems but they were caused by typos.

If anyone is interested in this technology I am available for questions.

qemu with gpu passthrough lets you run a hardware virtualized copy of other operating systems.
I personally use it to run windows 7 and windows 10 so I can play dx11 games without leaving linux.

Soooo ... verified it does work and just fine.
My laptop is nvidia optimus and it still runs, but my laptop is very special.
I haven't found another laptop that can do this yet.


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