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#1 2018-06-04 15:12:39

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Microsoft acquiring GitHub

In case you haven't noticed, Microsoft is going to buy GitHub.

Here are the official statements:

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#2 2018-06-05 01:40:03

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Re: Microsoft acquiring GitHub

It's funny I was about to make a thread exactly about this. Imo, they sold the soul for the devil. I don't even want to imagine what kind of sh*t they will do to ruin it for their business (like they did to skype, Msn, others). I've deleted all my repos because I don't want to be part of this. Maybe they will grab their hands on the private codes that resides there? I think it is possible giving their historic of devious actions. Maybe they will limit the number of free repos, who knows?

anonymous wrote:

> The login system gets deleted and replaced by a Microsoft ID thing that prioritizes your Microsoft username over Github's username system, resulting in everyone having their @names taken away by random name squatters belonging to a 6 year old, unused Outlook account.

> At the same time, Github support gets outsources to Microsoft Support, which is already outsourced to the most rural parts of India, resulting in @name restoration requests recieving "I'm sorry, Sir. I am unable to do the needful." responses.

> A few months later, following a rather cryptic announcement by Microsoft regarding plans to "improve enterprise issue tracking", everyone suddenly finds Github's issue tracking system being replaced with an <iframe> reading to Microsoft's new, revolutionary Office 365 issue tracking system that serves an ample amount of 503's and has an average latency of 6 - 18 seconds. But don't worry, purchasing Github 365 Premium resolves all these problems, at an affordable $99 per year per repo.

> A few months after that, Microsoft's CEO announces that he "understands the frustrations" of the new Office 365 issue tracking system, especially when hosting multiple repos. Therefore Microsoft is now rebuilding Github to be leaner and better, and offering better Office 365 integration. This is followed by yet another announcement on Github's website that they are changing how repos work. Free account users can now only have 1 repo per account, "to avoid unnecessary resource usage, ensuring that Office 365 issue tracking will work better than ever", as the announcement put it.

> A year later, Microsoft announces an exciting new look for Github. The only problem is that it requires JavaScript. A lot of JavaScript. So attempting to access Github with JavaScript turned off simply presents you with a blank page saying "Please turn on JavaScript" with a sad octopus next to it. In the same announcement they also quickly mention that free account users can no longer use use "external apps" to get or push things to/from their repo. The only solution is to upgrade to Github 365 Premium, or use a "Microsoft Certified App", such as Visual Studio 2019, for development.

> Yet another year later Microsoft announces proudly that Github is now part of Office 365, ensuring that every enterprise will have their own, integrated, simple source code managing tool. No other info is given, aside from marketing buzzwords talking about SUCCESSFUL and REVENUE. Free users is suddenly presented with a "This account does not have an active Office 365 subscription. Click here to buy." when they attempt to login. Attempts at backing up or migrating their account fails with 403 errors, since you now need an Office 365 subscription to access any Github page.

That's the kind of stuff that can happen.
Can we also talk about alternatives to github? I'm yet to decide where to go.

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#3 2018-06-05 01:48:23

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Re: Microsoft acquiring GitHub

Well that's just great...

After proclaiming my aversion to having a github account, and then giving in and making one...this happens.

Should'a stuck with my gut...

LOLOLOL!  tongue

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#4 2018-06-05 06:48:28

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Re: Microsoft acquiring GitHub

In case someone is interested in trying something different Fossil makes self hosted repositories stupidly easy. I am using it for a couple personal projects and i am quite satisfied by the simplicity.


#5 2018-06-05 10:55:40

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Re: Microsoft acquiring GitHub

Might be alot of users jump ship to other platforms, could possibly be a money pit for Ms and the downfall of github. If they Ms leave it alone which i doubt they will people may stay but im already reading people are moving away after hearing this news. Its like a virus has paid its way into github, oh i forget, thats right ms is a virus!


#6 2018-06-10 01:48:40

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Re: Microsoft acquiring GitHub

Where will you be when Microsoft starts charging for github service?

the thomos project
thomos support thread
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#7 2018-06-10 09:41:43

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Re: Microsoft acquiring GitHub

siva wrote:

Where will you be when Microsoft starts charging for github service?

My stuff is at GitLab because their conditions are better. So I have no private stuff to move away from GitHub. I will be forced to keep an account on GitHub by lots of projects for which I need to be able to comment on issues or PRs. :-(

GitLab already cuddles with Google and when they get more important, there might come some ugly changes too. Always include human's greed as one of the major factors into your projections!

In the long run, I will find a way to manage my stuff completely at home, maybe by by using "naked" Git without all the add-ons GitHub/GitLab have put atop of it or by switching to Fossil which is small and beautiful and most importantly does neither need PHP nor MYSQL which both reliably have proven over many years to be persistent security nightmares.

Are there other alternatives I am overlooking?
Some real P2P alternatives?


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