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#1 2018-05-08 20:50:55

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[MiyoLinux] CMST (Network Manager) background color changes

For the latest versions of MiyoLinux (.iso date - 20180501)...

If you have enabled the CMST network manager to show in your system tray, you "might" notice that the background color may change periodically. I say "might", because it happens periodically on one of my computers, but it has never happened on the other. On the one that it does happen, it will sometimes have a transparent grayish/white background.

It's briefly documented in man cmst

Anyway, if you've experienced this, and you want it "fixed"...

1. While the background is normal, open the Run Command (or terminal) and enter...

yad --color

That will open the color chooser GUI provided by yad.

2. Click on the dropper icon (color chooser), and then click the background of the panel as close as you can to the network icon without clicking on the network icon itself.

The number for the color name will appear in the GUI. Either write it down, or copy it with your mouse, and you can then paste it in the next step.

3. Open the autostart file, and find the entry...

sleep 5 && cmst -m -i Papirus-Dark &

Now, we need to add an additional command to that. So, after "Papirus-Dark", add the following so that the line now looks like this...

sleep 5 && cmst -m -i Papirus-Dark --fake-transparency 3E5A32 &

PLEASE NOTE: Substitute the 6-digit color number above with your actual number. The one above is just an example color number...

4. Save and close the file.

Since the panel has transparency, you will probably have to change the 6-digit number anytime you change your wallpaper.

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